Oct 22, 2007

Do Caramel Apples Go With This Award?

My simply adorable friend Shana posted that there was some love for me on her blog. I run over there as fast as my fingers will click and commence reading, ready to snatch that blog award upp! I see the MOST adorable little award with little jack-o-lanterns and carmel apples and think 'ohhhhhhh that's so cute! Shana thinks I'm sweet!' (and I do kind of giggle at that, btw). Reading what it means, blah blah blah, scrolling down, giving it to someone I don't know..blah blah..keep scrolling....and there it ends and another award begins (she's pretty popular, I ride her coattails, sounds like cocktails!). Okay, no apples for me. What then?

I am an official five time recipient of the Totally Fabulous Award! Sounds very important, wouldn't you say? It blows me away, to be honest--I love that my good friends love to come over and hang out with me. And they bring the little tiny blue cocktails with them--how dang good does it get? Not much dang gooder!
I did tell Shana to come over, but bring some of the caramel apples too. We don't want to drink too quickly--they might be tiny, but trust me they pack a whallop! (Am I developing a blue cocktail-drinking reputation here? I don't mind, I just wonder, that's all!) Shana...I'm waiting...where are the apples? My little cocktail is long gone and I'm holding yours. Shana? Shana? Strike that...yours is history now too. Sorry. Would you EVEN believe it if I told you my church is a Baptist church too? Don't tell a soul at the church--they'd never believe it (that I'd accept drinks from people I haven't met in person). Okay, they would. They would believe it. In fact they probably they would expect it.
I'm totally giving this to Marie and I just checked and she beat me to the comments--so Marie, one can NEVAH have enough of these, you get another. I think you're adorable and totally fabulous! (I just hopped over there to grab her link and about fell out of my chair laughing. Want a different perspective on a sick family? She's got a good one!)

I just assumed Dawn woulda had this award because she's all famous and stuff so I didn't give it to her any of the times I've had it...and Dawn I'm sorry! Because like I told you, if ever I thought a someone would make a great blue drink drinking buddy, it'd be you my friend. You should have had this award weeks ago--thump me later, okay--people are watching now. (LOL yeah it is hard to type after all those little drinks but I'm dedicated to my blogging craft. You know that. I do it because I must.)


Girl Gone Wild said...

Wow...YOU have been busy while I've been gone!!!

Well, I'm back so be ready for 50million comments from me.

BTW: I just now realized that Ihave posted about the award you gave me earlier!! Sorry! That's me...your BFF!

Marie said...

LOL! Well thanks, I'm off to get sloshed!

Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

FIVE time recipient... that's like
TEN of those little blue drinks,
and I haven't even gotten ONE of them . How have you managed to even TYPE with that many? I'd have fallen asleep by now. In my yard. If I had one.

Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

Well, it's about time you shared! Hmph!!


Little blue cocktails would hit the spot just about now, too!

I'll have you know, too, that I think of you every.single.time. I see a Dunkin Donuts or see the coffee on sale at the market! lol

Trinity said...

whaat? you are 5 times recipient for this award? You must be included in guinessbook of record! LOL...

Don't get drunk, honey... :-D

Girl Gone Wild said...

HA! Yes, that's my face...filters do wonders for an aging face!

Shana said...

Now I am ROTFLMAO!!! You are to funny, that is one of the many things I heart you for. :o)

kailani said...

Congratulations! I've always known you were just too fab for words!

tegdirb92 said...

I awarded you the Wonder Woman award--if you want, go pick up your badge on my blog.