Sep 15, 2007

One Longgg Review For The Weekend!

It's Saturday and I thought a good time to reflect on my week. I have about twenty minutes before I need to hit the ground and run like a madwoman! You might remember I told you Niki was having her senior pictures taken on Monday? Come Monday, everything was lined up, pressed, ready to go and I went to my email to check directions the photographer gave us. That's when I read see this: "Wednesday the 10th". I ran to the kitchen (really, I ran), snagged the calendar off the little nail on the back of the cupboard door and flipped--AHHHH!! The 10th of October is a Wednesday. Houston, we have a problem. I called her, confirmed she was thinking October and I was thinking September. She is such a beautiful soul, felt terrible. When I told her I needed a headshot long before that date for the yearbook (and that Niki had paid to have her fingernails done with her own money) she said she would see if her makeup/hair lady would reschedule for later in the week. Whew!

So...Thursday. At four we went--nearly four hours long and Niki now thinks she wants to be a model. Help.Me!

Back to Monday where I started. Roofers delivered the materials for our new roof (yay, new roof! no more silverfish in the wood shingles, which will mean no more spiders in the house--eventually!). They didn't get to start until Wednesday, but that's okay, everything seems to be pushed back this week! We even started our homeschooling a day late figuring Niki would have pictures on Monday and I would have typing deadline on Tuesday! We all know how that worked out.

Wednesday at church--Cat made it to the study and it'd been awhile since Cat and I have really seen each other. (It's me--I've missed a whole lot of church lately--bad mom!). This is going to be a good study--already I'm thinking more about how I can be a better wife/friend/mother.

Other than Cat, there's a new couple in our group I am anxious to know better, so I'm thinking Cat and I need to schedule a lunch. And another gal whom I've long known, always admired and finally have the opportunity to just sit and hear her thoughts. That's the blessing about studies like this. I see her at church all the time--we're constantly exchanging updates and well wishes. Yet we don't get the time we need to really know each other. It's like that with too many of the faces I adore in that church--that has to change! And by now I've realized that needs to come from me, my attitude and my effort.

Finally--three dive meets this week. I know--the video is sideways, I'm lazy. Click it, though, it's only like 10 seconds long. Promise!
Poor Cody has just been worn OUT! Yesterday, conference in Park Hill. Talk about seemed like we watched 100 divers before Cody. After five of those long rounds, Cody told me he didn't mind if he got cut at that point, he was tired. Not to be, he and Sam, the other diver from LSN stayed in another round. Cody got up to the board and his foot slipped. The dive wasn't all bad, he got in two turns but didn't have enough height to get that last 1/2 in to dive head first. So...he came within ONE point of not making the next round. Pretty good for having a scratch dive on his score.
He's secure this year, quite a different little guy up there with more confidence. He's no longer the new freshman who has to prove worthy. And just in case he gets his head all swelled up, no worries. Cody and I have a fantastic relationship--he still thinks I'm cool. So I figure it's my job to make sure he knows his father and I love him regarless of how well he dives. Whenever he completes a not-so-great dive, he looks at me because he knows I'm going to mouth "you suck". He gets tickled with that. And all pressure goes away...until he's called again. I don't know why it works, it just does. I am fairly certain I've been caught by a few parents on opposing teams--they probably feel bad for that poor kid whose mommy just told him he sucks! That in turn gets them to cheer him on a little more, too--so yeah, brilliant!
^^Someone has to test the camera before the meet--may as well be me!
Alright, off to shower and get to Brandon's birthday party--Brandon is Cat's son! So I'm looking forward to watching her bowl--she can't bowl, we all know it! Then...more running then typing....get up do it all over again! Which is a good thing--I'm no sure I'd want to wake up and not have the option of running and working and doing it all again--and I'm painfully aware that there are too many who do not. Too many folks woke up today knowing they were terminal, not able to get out of bed and not able to plan a future. I do my life the best I can--I get to do my life, so I need to stop complaining about it so often!


Bubba's Sis said...

I love your spirit, Stacey! Have a great weekend!

karen said...

Stacey, you are stinkin' hilarious! You just make me laugh reading all your thoughts and ranting and raving about this week. I can tell you are such a good Mom!

You really have had a crazy week!

So how did the senior pics turn out? Have you seen them yet or do you have to wait?

Cat said...

Okay stop, I am wore out just reading about your week. And my Gosh, can you type my name a few more times there? LOL

Can't wait to see Nikki's pics I am sure they are absolutely beautiful! and why wouldn't she be? Look at her mom! Great picture there girl.

Cody is doing such a great job! I would love to see him dive sometime!

THANKS FOR COMING TO BRANDONS BIRTHDAY!!!! sorry to took longer than expected! lol
See you Tomorrow GF!

D... said...

Whew! What a week! I hope you are able to post some of Niki's pics. I'd love to see them! And Cody's diving impresses me so much. Cool!

You always have such a positive attitude. You rock!

Anonymous said...

Wow, have you been busy!! I just got tired reading about your week. But I can tell that every second of it makes you happy and everything that involves your children has you bursting with love.
I could not get the video to play, it kept telling me it was not available. Not sure if you took it down or if it was my computer. I will try again later. I think it is sweet that you and Cody have your special routine between you when he is diving. Sweet and very funny!!

You brought up such a good point about not really knowing people, but wanting to. I have a lot of people who I say hello to and "chat" with, but I really don't know them, know them. I really would like to. I should open myself up to that more.

Hope you had fun bowling. Love the picture of you, you look great!! Hope your week is good, but not as busy. XOXO

Anonymous said...

I just read your comment, I can't sleep, and I wanted to give you a big hug and say thank you. It was the strangest thing, after I read it, I smiled and felt such a feeling of calm and peacefulness wash over my body, as your words ran through my head. I have not felt that way since this whole incident started. You are so right, so true, I need to turn it over to God, put it in his hands and be done with it, trusting in the outcome. I always struggle with surrendering, but wow, did what you say really get to me and make so much sense. People come into our lives for a reason, I really believe that, and I am so glad that you came into mine. Thank you again, you have no idea how much I appreciate your words.
Many, many blessings.

kailani said...

Wow, looks like you have a supermodel and olympic diver in the family!

Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

LOL NICE mom! LOL I love it. The relationship you have with your kids is just awesome :) Busy week for you! I hope you got some rest this weekend!

Misty Dawn said...

You are such a great mom and an overall great person! I'm so glad that I found your blog, and, in turn, 'met' you!

Girl Gone Wild said...

I actually have been reading your blog you's just a bit nuts so I haven't been able to out, I'm back.

DANG! Cody's good! Had no idea...

Could do something for a living instead of laying around watching Dr. Phil all day?!?!?!