Sep 17, 2007

Covergirl Winner and Some Senior Pictures

Do you remember the other day when I asked my friends to click and vote for Marcella, my dear friend Nova's grandma, for covergirl? Nova emailed me over the weekend to tell me she IS the new Josephine Covergirl. I asked Nova if I could post her pictures for y'all to see and she affirmed. Here she is onstage reading her speech:

And here is Nova, Marcella and Mr. Josephine Covergirl (proud husband of 69 years and soo cute!):
Before I get off the comp this morning to do some typing and homeschooling, I wanted to share a few of the senior pic proofs--clearly my fears have come true: she likes them all. I'll need to buy the CD....and Niki thinks she wants to be a model now. Oh brother! A can of worms has been opened and I need to work quickly to get them back inside! It was a four hour session, complete with hair and makeup (she loved that the makeup artist also does the KC Chiefs cheerleaders' hair/makeup before each game). Again, what happened to the two changes of clothes, an hour tops in and out of there and forgotten. And parents escaped senior year with a few dollars in their pockets! Alright, getting off the comp--I'll be back to read blogs later in the morning/afternoon!


Cat said...

Okay, let me just say WOW, I have never seen so many beautiful pictures!

Marcella looks Beautiful! and OMG! Nikki looks Absolutely Stunning!

Girl... you have your hands full there with her. WOW.

Kiesha said...

Niki's pictures are awesome! Good luck deciding on which ones to buy. It would be a tough decision.

Shana said...

Yah, for your friends grandma. I voted for her :o)

The pictures are great. It is going to be hard to pick.

And your son is doing great diving. My brother was a diver in HS. He too lettered his Freshman year.

k said...

Wow! What adorable senior pictures! Niki is a really beautiful girl.

Oh for the days that you could have someone take your picture with your underarm showing and it be called "beautiful".

kailani said...

Congrats to Marcella! Woo Hoo!

You'll probably hate me but I think your daughter definitely has the look to be a model!

D... said...

B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. Wow. That's all I can say. Niki takes gorgeous pictures!

Yay for Marcella! I voted for her. :)

I'm sorry to hear this growing trend of buying up all the tickets is not exclusive to Texas. What a shame.

Misty Dawn said...

Fabulous photos Stacey - she truly is beautiful, but I'm sure you already knew that!

Bubba's Sis said...

Absolutely. Beautiful. She is a gorgeous gorgeous girl! And I can see the resemblance to you in her face.

You do have to buy them all.

Lala said...

Hi Stacy!!! YEA for Marcella!!! :o)

Your daugther took beautful pictures... :o)

What ever happened to the days of the black cashmere turtleneck and string of pearls?

Lala :o)

Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

ok, very cool on Josephine winning :)


OMG, her pics came out so fantastic, I'd think she SHOULD be a model. She's gorgeous!

Dawn said...

Duh, I meant Marcella winning lol

Sharon said...

That's wonderful that Marcella won! See? You are a biggie in the blog world and all your blog friends rushed right on over to vote ofr Marcella! Wow, is your daughter a beauty. I'm so sorry for you - LOL! - only cuz I've been there my friend. She does look absolutely lovely in her photos - they hardly look like high school photos do they?

Anonymous said...

The pictures of your daughter are so beautiful! It would be too hard to pick, they all look so good. Can't blame her for wanting to be a model, she looks like one already!
Hope you are doing well and things in your life are slowing down a little.

Girl Gone Wild said...

Holy crap!!! I can see why Niki wants to do the modeling thing. You get pampered and look good! She absolutely stunning. I showed the pictures to Gremlin and he perked up and said, "Hey! That's that girl I like. I mean, I really like." HA!

I'm so happy our favorite Covergirl won! What a hottie! hee, hee...