Sep 12, 2007

Throwback Thursday Time!!

This group of purple-clad Dorothy Hamill-haired gals is dear to me. If you look on the front row, the gal in the purple, second from the left, is my elementary school best friend, Tracy (you might remember her from the picture below from last year's class reunion!). Next to Tracy, I'm working that Dubble Bubble! To my left, with the bigger bubble was the third piece to our b/f trio, our friend Linda, who is no longer alive. I've blogged about going to Savannah to visit with her mother this past Spring. Next to Linda is my late sister, Jamee. So just digging this photo up was a pleasant surprise, I didn't realize I still had it. And what a treasure it is to have loved ones all in one spot!

Linda, Tracy and I played softball for many more years, eventually getting fairly competitive. I played second base until oh, about 14 or 15 years. That's when I decided I no longer cared as much about stopping grounders as I cared that polyester didn't accentuate my complexion and wasn't attractive (we wore polyester tops and baseball pants back in my day..ugh!). Those days...good. I don't think much beats a little softball team from small town Missouri going up against big town teams from all over Kansas City. And beating the socks off 'em! They said it was because we were used to the heat, being farmers' daughters and all. Dad the pharmacist, Tracy's dad the pharmaceutical salesman and Linda's mom the City Clerk let them think whatever they needed to...if it helped them feel better on the drive back to the big city! Whooped em!

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JaniceNW said...

Great TT! I have mine up as well.

Miss you lately. Life gets crazy doesn't it? Mwaaaaaaaaah! HUgs.

Sharon said...

Great photo! Love that the moment of bubble gum blowing was captured forever in the pic. I wish I could find more of my bff photos from jr. high and high school - we all drifted apart over the years, which is so sad. I also was a mean softball player - but I switched to gymnastics in junior high - I thought it was more "girly" = silly way we think when we're young, huh?

Cat said...

That is a Great pic, it is so cool that you still have contact with all your old friends. I sure miss those days!

Love you girl!
and yes, lastnight at church was FUN!

karen said...

What a great pic!! I think if I was playing against you guys I would have been scared. You girlies looked tough.

pinks & blues girls said...

Love that picture, Stacey!! You are such a riot. For some reason I just knew you'd be the one blowing the big bubble!!

Love the "farmers' daughters" thing! Haha! We were softball players too. For a tiny girl (she's only 5'1") Audrey could hit a fly ball over the left fielder's head every time!

Happy TT!

Jane, Pinks & Blues

Girl Gone Wild said...

I was trying to figure what Tracey was doing in the pic, then I realized she was probably gearing up for a massive bubble!!! That's an awesome picture. You were so dang cute!...I mean are!

Stacey said...

Gi, I didn't even notice that--gorh, your observation skills are fine tuned!

Lala said...

Hi Stacy!!! LOL... I'm going to "date" myself... sported a DH haircut too!!! I don't think there was a single girl that didn't in "those days"... :o)

What a fun picture to have... a visual memory!

lala :o)

D... said...

What sweet memories! I too had a DH in my little girl years. It completely ruined my hair. I used to have curly hair before DH. After DH it's more waves, frizzy waves at that.

Snickerdoodles ROCK! I'd love to bring B/S over for a plate of your homemade ones!

Anonymous said...

Love the Double Bubble chewing gum and those Dorthy Hamell hair cuts. What a treasure this picture is, and how lucky you were to grow up with such a close knit group of wonderful friends. Wow, what memories you must have. I bet you could fill a book! Now that I would love to read.

kailani said...

Photos can sure bring back such great memories!