Sep 18, 2007

Double Duty Letter..

I received an email from my highschool friend today and in the midst of replying I'm thinking "I still haven't updated my blog and I'm running out of time!" So I figured two birds, one stone--ten fingers, one keyboard, idk. I have so much going through my mind I want to share, I believe I need to sit down this evening and just make up a few posts in advance. Oh, which brings me to Friday. Friday I have been given the honour (that's for you Coffee Mom, kind of a French flair) of guest blogging on Dawn's (Coming to a Nursery) blog. I love that concept--I just may try it soon. I tried to get GiGi to do that once, but she never accepted. I'll try her again later.

Anyway, here is my reply to my of the high school friends I met for lunch wayy back in March (I'll attach the pic below the letter). He's a basketball coach for one of our universities now (this is why I call him Coach). He is a slow responder to updates I send him--hence Loser--his words, not mine, but I concur.

Coach Loser,

Very nice surprise to hear from you. I am fine. Very worn out (who isn't?) but fine. My days have become very hurried with the addition of homeschool teacher to Alexander (Alex). I hit the ground running, finish up any unfinished typing if it's a deadline day (today and Friday's), then get a shower. Then get Alex up and showered and fed. Then start school. Try to check emails at lunch/while he's working on something. Never try to work at this point because I'll be interrupted.

After school, Niki and Cody arrive. I hear Niki's drama of the day, beg Cody to please take a snack and drink to dive practice as he drops his bag, grabs the keys and heads back out (he's 16 now!). I'm doing housework in between but I try not to go upstairs--I'll only be deflated at how the kids keep their spaces. This is when I do doctor, dental, ortho appointments or go to a meet (today, Liberty). Come home, dinner, then work. Blog--I hate that my blog is suffering! Then bed. Get up, do it all over again.

*Sigh* Coach, I fear I am no longer the Queen of LS. I am relegated to Cinderella status with no hope in the near future of slowing this ride down. We had roofers here for a week and today while finishing up, one rang the doorbell. I'm so beyond caring I opened the door--no makeup, ponytail, pj bottoms and tank top. THAT's how bad it is now. I didn't care at all. After that, I sat at my desk to catch a few emails before Alex needed to be awakened--noticed John forgot trash day. So....trudged out there in my PJs, ponytail and naked face to take the trash out my darned self. (it's okay, he rarely forgets--and he's teaching until 10 most nights, so hard to blame him either).

Am considering selling the nice suburban home in a few years--seeking out something quaint and small and not worrying about so much! After Cody graduates, of course. Maybe even move north, idk. I chew on this from time to time, then I remember we bought the house because it had a giant back yard--perfect for the pool we can't afford until the kids leave. Will they ever leave??

Niki is doing well in school this far. Her senior pics are on my blog and on her Facebook--most of them anyway. She is indeed a senior, and has returned to North for her last year. A good decision. She is no longer allowed to date another guy from West, not even allowed to LOOK at one! (can you tell she's met a few bad decisions at West?). Actually, we have expanded that to all of West & anyone from Greenwood of late--we had a graduated straggler boy/loser lurking around for a few weeks. There. I think that covers it. Cody is a sophomore--quite a fantabulistic little diver. I'm living vicariously through him now--I dove in Savannah for the city team, but NEVER like this boy can dive. And smarter than I ever hoped to be--top 10%. (not bragging, though, Coach, you know I wouldn't brag!)

I am definitely due for some Dunkin Donuts--I was up there about three weeks ago and got my dozen. I took Alex to the St Joseph Museum--we're doing American Indians right now. I posted a blog about it--hang's the link to that post: I didn't visit anyone, but next time I aim to visit Kelly for my birthday (yeah yeah, I know I'm the first 40) and meet her new boyfriend. I'll wave as I drive by the university, Coach. Planning on maybe going to Nova's for a bonfire--us, Kelly, Tracy--I'll inform you and maybe you will grace us with your presence. It would be grand indeed to see you and meet Mrs. Coach Loser.

~Ex Queen of LS (turning 40 and really feeling the part lately)


Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

I can't wait to see your post! :)

Funky Art Queen said...

Oh Stacey, you are sooooooo busy. I don't know how you do it all and write it down! Take a break for you need a breather that is just for you. You are an amazing Mom and wife and everything. I just want you to take a break-a breather for you. Hugs from Texas.

Sharon said...

Can you teach me how to do all that you do and still find time to sleep? Honestly, I'm worn out just reading your posts! I did enjoy your letter to Coach Loser. BTW, what day *is* the big 4-0 celebration???

D... said...

Whew. I understand about the busy, for sure. I think you need a R&R. Come on down to Texas and we'll have a grand ole R&R time! Or we'll just meet halfway. :)

Girl Gone Wild said...

1. I'm looking forward to Friday to read your post.
2. I really thought you were kidding about the guest posting! Sorry! I'd love to post with ya!!!
3. When are you turning the young spunky age of 40? I hope I have at least a few weeks so I can do something for you. I have a few ideas!