Sep 11, 2007

Cody, Pam, Gary, And The Man-Fire

Cody dove his second dive meet of the season today and did well, if I do say so myself. (I'm not going to go into that Varsity Letter as a Freshman last year thing again, promise--won't mention it.) He could fine-tune his entry a wee bit, but he will. He placed third, so he's a happy guy. I put up a video from my camera on here, he'll be ticked love that I did that for everyone to see!

This is a big week for him, meet today, tomorrow and invitationals on Friday. I plan on being there for it all, so plan on another peek! Go ahead, play it (that's my 'yeah').

I haven't had a good opportunity to tell you about our Saturday. Our friends, Pam & Gary (who are also Alex's best friend's parents and live in our hood AND are fun fun fun), invited us over for an impromptu BBQ. They're the kind of folks you just immediately feel comfortable around. I think I could flip my flops off to the other side of the room and perch my naked, calloused feet on their kitchen table and STILL not get thrown out. That kind of comfortable. Not that I'd do that (but I probably would).

So, while I've posted Gary's 'man-fire' from the 4th of July post, it's worth posting again. Because later into the evening, we were getting into what at the time seemed like important in-depth conversation about socks. I think after a beer or two conversation can go either way--serious or silly. This was seriously silly. Gary marched upstairs and brought down his sock bin full of orphans. Very sad. Don't think I've seen so many orphans in my life. We're going to have a fall sock-sorting party, us, them, and the other family there. Sort, match and throw the orphans into Gary's man-fire. I like that. And I also like that from time to time we are free to let our hair down and relax with friends. Even if their socks don't match.


Cat said...

I have a whole basket full of orphans that need to find a good home!

D... said...

Good friends to be silly with is such a great thing! Congrats to Cody! Third isn't a bad place to be AT ALL!

The youth do tend to forget much quicker. They didn't feel the impact like we adults did.

Bubba's Sis said...

Dontcha just love silly friends? That's exactly why I love D! She's so silly! ;-P

What a beautiful dive!! I say 10!! Now let's all go throw our orphan socks on the fire....

Girl Gone Wild said...

Orphan socks? Ok, I think I need another cup of coffee cause I don't have a clue as to what your talking about...geez i have a headache.

BTW - J's MBA classes started monday...he already had to play hooky! I don't know how he's going to do this with so many church things going on. Guess we'll see.