Jul 28, 2007

Marrige Meme Time

^^That's for Jenny, she's blogging for Gus' Gang today! Maybe go sponser her, even $5 would do amazing things pooled all together!

I get to talk about the best part of me today, tagged by my favorite Hawaiian mommy, flight attendant, wife over at And Island Life (I know, Sharon, I'm on that tag this weekend, promise.)

Eight things about my marriage, ready or not:

1. I met my husband John where I worked as a secretary--I was 20, taking a year off college to earn money. Going to Las Vegas and be a police officer alongside my uncle. Yeah, then I met him...and that was the end of that! He was 29, going to college part time and working with CAD.

2. John is exactly nine years and two months older than me. I like to mention that to my friends lest they think I'm as old as he is (sorry hon). But he looked so much younger. See what I mean?:
3. We dated nine months before we were married....we were married nine months before our daughter Nicole was born ;-)
4. Okay, answering what you were thinking--no we didn't have a formal wedding. We were married when my parents were still 'feuding' after the divorce. Because my parents weren't speaking to each other, we threw up our hands. Told everyone to be at the courthouse on our wedding day. John and I never looked back! Eh, okay, I do wish I'd worn 'the dress' and one day maybe Kelly will take me to the bridal shop and pretend to be needing one, idk. Will ya, Kel? Let me lose that 15 I put on this year first!

5. My husband went to Devry on weekends and evenings, starting at around age 42...then received his Bachelor's in Telecommunications Management and went on to Keller in the evenings to recieve his MBA. Still coached softball, still kept his day job! Still kept me! This is him two years ago--said he might think about his PhD. Didn't go over well. 6. John had/has a thing for Valerie Bertinelli.....okay, I can see the brunette/brown eyed thing. Pretty much identical twins, right! Right?!! Me? Jon Bon Jovi all day long. Okay, no similarities, but the name sounds the same!

7. I think we work very hard. I'm a stay home mom (soon to be home school mom to one) and as y'all know, I do data entry part time (all the time). My husand was promoted to business manager where he works, and teaches four nights a week at a local college. One day, hopefully soon, he can cut those days down by at least half. Okay, not Jon Bon Jovi, but better! (had to say that, Jon) 8. If you come round the house and hear "Tatey! Tatey Girl! Tate!" or "Don! Donald! Dondo! Hondo!" --no worries. That'd just be me and my Johnny Bonny talking to each other. Ooooh! I should do a fun giveaway and you have to post with your pet name!
Being married to Dondo=Good stuff.
So now it is my turn. I decided to shake it up a little, do it a little different, see what happens. Maybe nothing, maybe something, idk. So, without anymore pomp, here are my tags (already commented them, they know!):

Mrs. Hillary Clinton

Mr. Barack Obama

Mr. Rudy Giuliani

Ms. Nancy Pelosi--oops comments are closed! Hmm!

Mr. John Edwards -- okay this one took forever and a DAY to get posted!


Jenny said...

Thanks for the link love and the encouragement!!

As always...this post is stinkin' funny!!

Anonymous said...

wow! What a story!

I love the wedding part. That reminds me what my wedding looked like. None of our families attended our wedding. We don't even know who signed our marriage license as witness. A Mexican from the street who can sign with both hands? $5.00 each hands. ;-)

No wedding dress. No wedding ceremony. No families. No friends. No music! No photographer! Just two of us. We drove to the wedding chapel after work. Then drove to RedLobster for dinner.

That's it! We were married for 9 years now. We dated for 10 years before we got married.

You two look so cute together! Very cool! Have a great weekend!

Katja from skimbaco.com said...

Another prime post again :) Thanks for visiting and I can't wait to win something, someday!

I'm so glad I "met" you Stacey, and I can just tell from the pics that you and your husband are just the kind of goofballs like me and Matt.

We got married on a lunch break of Matt's flight school, my MIL bought me flowers and since we didn't even have a wedding cake, we got one really fast from wal-mart (I know, pathetic). Our "party" was at the army flight simulators and the fun was crashing helicopters with them.

We had know each others for 10 months, and I was pregnant 10 months later - and my parents got to know Matt after that..

When I call Matt, his phone is playing "take my breath away", mine "danger zone" when he calls.

Matt is my Tom Cruise, but only better.


tegdirb92 said...

Wow, I love this post!! I had a thing for Jon Bon Jovi!! I tried to grow my hair out like him but could never get it pouffy enough. Boy, that brings back memories, I had such a CRUSH!!

Thanks for sharing all that info, I got to know you a little better :)

Katja from skimbaco.com said...

LOL, I don't think I would go for trying on dresses for the lack of wedding. I've gained waaayyy more than 15 pounds - I was 110 lbs when we got married.

Here is sort of pic of my lace dress that I wore that day. I designed it myself.


My mom didn't have a big wedding either, and she always wanted one of us girls to have a big wedding.

Well, my other sister got married while they had their daughter's babtism - they had the church booked, mind as well.. they didn't tell anyone, it was a surprise. My other sister is still in busy with the online dating-services, too busy business woman to actually do other than e-date... the pressure for big wedding is probably just too much for her, poor thing.

kailani said...

Thanks for playing along. I think it's so great that you added the photos to the meme. A very personal touch!

Misty Dawn said...

Stacey, I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed this post! You are such a fun writer! I love the photos - you were/still are a knock out! So many of you guys are wanting JonBon - I'll take Richie Sambora, I don't mind making that sacrifice ;-)

My husband and I were married one year after our first date. My husband is 12 years older than me. We got married at my grandparents house (where I grew up) and my uncle married us (he's a minister) - my minister uncle also threatened my husband with a shotgun in the middle of marrying us (only in my family!).

Cat said...

Wow girl, you guys are so Awesome! What a great Meme!!

CRAZY TIRED, will post later!

love ya!


Girl Gone Wild said...

Wow...aren't ya'll too crazy! I love the pics and story. The way you two throw up the dueces together...you were meant to be!

D... said...

What a fun post! Ya'll sound like a great couple. :)

I would be embarrassed to tell you some of the nicknames hubby & I have for each other. :X

pinks & blues girls said...

You and John are so much fun and just so adorable together! I love the pictures from "the early years!'

You know, you do have a little Valerie Bertinelli thing going on (though you're much prettier)!!

My Steve is 9 years and 4 months older than me. But I think he looks younger than he is, too! :)

Jane, P&B Girls

Dana said...

My husband is also 9 years more extinguished, I mean, distinguished than I am.

Now, the question that no one has asked, did you go to each of your "tags" sites and actually tag them in their comments? If you did, then all I can say is you are my hero!

Funky Art Queen said...

THAT is where my son is going. Devry! How cool is that. What a cool story.