Jul 27, 2007

Solving Pickles Late Into The Night!

My friend Kelly emailed me this morning to tell me Jay Leno on The Tonight Show did in fact connect the same exact dots last night. Or chem trails, idk. Point being: I think we all could come together and agree I'm onto a good plan here. Because Jay said it too, and he lends an aura of credibility! Clearly ;-)
I got to thinking (another late night of typing!)....hmmmm. Those bad bad Hollywood gals! I worry so. Maybe there IS a solution! As I was clicking away, it was weighing heavily on my mind...there just has got to be an alternative vocation for them, something they can do as a team. Yes, but what....what what what.....It needs to be fast-lane, rockin good time stuff. Of course they'll want to mingle with the stars, be comfortable with the moon, and for sure weight shouldn't be a problem, pshh!

Do you think maybe they could......yes yes yes! From what I've been hearing, I think they're most definitely qualified!:

I hear they're serving alcohol on shuttle flights now....that's hot.
*Fox News click it for the story!


Girl Gone Wild said...

ROFLMBO!!!!!!!! With some snorting on the side!

Late nites are bad for you, but GREAT for us!

Debbie said...

Just goes to prove that having lots of money doesn't give you good sense, help you make good decisions.

The drinking astronauts is amazing. But, if we went back to the original astronauts, we would see that some of them were heavy drinkers, they loved to party, so this is probably not something new.

The Right Stuff comes with flaws, ha.

Girl Gone Wild said...

Actually, yeah...life's starting to get back into the regular flow of things. I have more time to work at my job and still play around some. You going "home" for the weekend too or just on Monday?

Girl Gone Wild said...

You're right about the salad!!

I'm working with this company called Boundless (boundless.net). I handle a lot of their website optimization clients. It's a lot of fun and can do it at home. (BONUS!) So basically I'm at the computer about 85% of my day. Can you say, "Addict"?

Kim said...

Thanks for the laugh...needed it.

Ethan said...

This celebrity culture we live in...we think that fame will solve problems, will give us the attention we crave. It's the same with being popular in high school. Those who become famous without seeking it are the ones that change the world (Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Dorothy Day, Jesus).

Humility goes a long way!

kelly said...

This is GREAT! You're right, I laughed my tushy off.

By the way, thanks for the awesome post to "apologize". That is why I love you so much. You are a great friend.

You want to book a shuttle flight soon?


Betty Jo said...

LOL and great idea!!

Just realized you're in MO. That's where our friend was found in her car. Springfield.

Funky Art Queen said...

Yes, this is a great idea and maybe they will just stay up there! Heehee- Rest today!

Bubba's Sis said...

Oh my gosh, girl - you are TOO FUNNY! Why, that's the perfect solution for those crazy rich party girls! That is, if they'll let them out of jail long enough to go up.

I'll tell ya, I would have to be drunk to get in that shuttle and blast off, too - scary stuff! Can't say I blame 'em. But apparently they are reporting that those guys were also drunk when they flew their jets around - which happens to be right over the area where I live! Shame on them! THAT is scary stuff!

Kim said...

Guess what???? You're my Grand Prize winner!

I'll email you later as I'm on my husbands laptop right now.


tegdirb92 said...