Jul 15, 2007

I'm Around....

This hasn't been a banner blogging week, but I can 'splain. Swim meets Wed, Fri & Sat. Cody's best friend who moved to Virginia is here for three days (pics later promise), we entertaining him and his mother and grandfather (I adore his mom, so this is a good thing!).

Of course VBS. And..I got slammed with a lot of typing! But I got through it so far without invoking Blogging Without Obligation (see link on the right). I am not convinced my hit stats won't be engraved into my tombstone. I can't take a chance. *I picture tombstones kinda like a laser beam, digitalized, satellite -kind of thing in 20 years, what do you think?* Can you just HEAR it 100 years from now? "Oooohh, your great grandma, she didn't have a lot of friends according HER hit count...clearly you didn't inherit your fun personality from her!" I cannot chance it, no I need to invoke only in an emergency, my great granddaughter is counting on me. If I have nothing else, I have my camera:

Niki and her b/f dropped in to watch a few races (can you tell Corle is good with Alex?).
Cody on the block (lane 4):
Alex opted out of the caps early on--they hurt his tiny hairs! Poor baby. If you click and enlarge, then gasp, it's not a tat--it's a Sharpie!
Last day VBS, Coach Dribble and myself (Pom Pom Polly) had a rough time containing our excitement at that prospect! Okay, we didn't. They knew.
Friday, Alex's class came to our locker room (on the left). The big bubble on the wall (hence the fan and air purifier) formed because the air conditioner leaked condensation right down the middle of our wall! I know--eww! You could touch that wall and get wet. Naturally.
My son, Cody (seen below), was the Head Coach for Alex's class all week, so HE was in our class all day as well. We present the kids with dilemmas and they are supposed to solve them. One child drew "a kid in your class wears the same old clothes every day" and they huddled to solve it. THIS class didn't need to think very hard before they quipped "tell him to wash his clothes and save money to buy new ones!".
Okayyyyyy.....hmmmm....onto another card. It reads "you hear about a hurricane in another state". So kids, what can YOU do to help? I explain to them this did happen to a child in our church--Cat's family came out of hurricane Katrina. They lost their home. This is when Cody leans over and whispered "Mom, this class is soo dumb". Not nice. About to give him "the look" when the group bellows "they just need to stop worrying and save money to buy a new one!". Oh. Help. Where have they BEEN all week?! Give Cody 'knowing' look, shake head grimly.
My radio pooped out on me. I mentioned in another post I cannot sleep without Coast to Coast AM--so I needed a good AM radio. Sent my husband out because I needed to type last night. He came home with XM Radio. Proudly spread out the contents on our bed as I looked on. Okay. I'm working again now, I guess this will be a good thing. What we didn't realize is that we need to pose the receiver in our bedroom window (take out screen) facing south. In just the right angle....It needs a little fine tuning, but what d'ya think? Attractive, no?
Here it is---get ready for more acoustical treats, friends, I have access to a LOT of stuff now! However, because it isn't free, the radio was pricey, the subscription will cost us quarterly, guess I'd better finish up typing. I did this last night:

Help. Me.
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Cat said...

Wow, I am tired just reading all this. I miss you already!
We were bad parents this morning and stayed home from church. BUT GREG and MATT went! I am marking this one down in the calanders!!

Take care GF and talk to you later!

D... said...

Didn't you know summers are for relaxing? ;)
I am truly hoping that the tombstones of the future aren't as you envision them. I'll be the geeky loner in the corner of the cemetary!
Glad you got your C2C back!

Misty Dawn said...

Ok - you 'splained it good - we'll forgive you for not posting - not that you've been doing much ;-) Just joking - gosh when do you have time to sleep???

JaniceNW said...

You have way too energy! Send some up to Seattle! Actually I am perpetually lazy...

Sounds like a fun week (I've taught VBS before) but it's also nice to be done. :)

Sharon said...

Oh gosh, this is the first time I had my speakers on when I visited your blog - I didn't realize you had songs playing in the background! And yes, I missed you, but whew,I'm worn out just reading through everything you got goin' on! And I thought I was one busy lady.

tegdirb92 said...

wow--busy. I've missed you on the blogger circuit but hopefully you'll make a stunning reappearance :) Love the pompom pic!! have a wonderful week.

The Young Family said...

wow you are a busy lady ~ you can write on your tombstone, that you had people read your blog from all over the world! That should count for something right? I said I would come back and read, and so here I am, I do like your style, you are great! My kids are old enough for VBS yet, that will be fun though!

Trying to remember me? I found you through topmomma.com!
Want to read about a real miracle? you can read about my husbands healing on our blog, go to July 06 archives.... thought you might appreciate it!


Bubba's Sis said...

Girl, you need to RELAX this week! Consider it VBS Recovery Week. Sit on your hiney and eat bon bons - or better yet, take a NAP! You deserve it!

pinks & blues girls said...

That is a whole lotta typing! Yikes!!

You always have the best pictures! How cute that Corle is so good with Alex. What a good guy!

That picture of you by yourself is beautiful! I love it!

Jane, P&B Girls

Dana said...

Oh, I l-o-v-e my XM! I have the inno which is portable and also works as an mp3 player. I honestely don't know what I did before I had it.

Loved the pictures!