Jul 12, 2007

VBS Thursday....2nd and 3rd Graders Day!

Back by popular demand, (or two or three friends asking, either way) here are today's VBS pics.....my friend and craft instructor CATTTT took these shots of me (Pom Pom Polly) and Coach Dribbles:

Little close, Cat, pull it back!

Okay. Ahhhh....what a beautiful morning...yes indeedy, sweet, sweet faces are everywhere. Everywhere I tell you! Coach D and I are rested and ready to head up to the classroom.
But first, we celebrate, we dance, we hold legs and blow whistles! (Cat kinda gets into this stuff--and her legs look good, so why not?).

We had 2nd and 3rd graders today, Coach D and I. We cram 18 of them into a 14x14 room...stories, verses and cheers are recited. The teenaged boys assigned to be helpers today incite laughter and teenaged boy conversations.....throughout much of story time.
And finally, Game Day Part IV comes to a close....how do we look?

Here you go Jane & Audrey---help me I'm falling...the triplets with bows on their tushies are too darned cute---unfair advantage I tell you...unfair! I need to put a bow on Cat or something next time, lol.

I'm a Top Mommma!


Misty Dawn said...

I LOVE your photos - they're so wonderful and fun!

Cat said...

OKAY MISSY, first off, I did not take that first photo! SO NAHH! (sticking tongue out at you!)

I did however take look good in that other one, check out my stylin new bag! LOL

1 More Day Girlfriend!!!! can you stand it?

Cat said...

Okay, sorry, check out the typing error in that comment! YOWzer!

Cat said...

Oops, one more.... You need to try and get those pics that (whats her name) took. you know which ones I am talking about, where we were using the chin tip! YOU KNOW THAT WILL END UP IN THE POWER POINT SHOW tomorrow night!!! EEEEK!

Girl Gone Wild said...

Coach Dribbles??? I could go so many places with that one....but I won't. It's VBS after all.

Aren't you SO kind for not doggin' me about those seXy glasses I had (what's worse is that they're glued at the bridge cause I had broke them!) I was a hot babe in high school...

D... said...

Looks like another fun, & maybe tiring ;), day was had by all at VBS! Enjoy the last day!

pinks & blues girls said...

As always, the MOST fun pictures, Stacey!! Love these!

And you always have me bopping as I'm typing a comment with your great songs!! The song started playing on my laptop and Audrey says, "Are you on Stacey's blog!?"


All aboard the crazy train!!!

Thanks for the Top Momma button!

Jane, P&B Girls

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

Whew! It looks like fun, only I can't decide if the kids are having more fun or you are!

Katja from skimbaco.com said...

Hi there, great pics!
And I'm jamming here too :)
I tagged you!

Girl Gone Wild said...

Did you see that neither one of us won that scanner?!?! Oiy...contests are exhausting!!

Kim said...

I have just loved following you through your VBS week. I can't wait for the last days photos! You all have done a great job. Loved our Game Day Central week and Sam is still singing the songs.

Funky Art Queen said...

You are just a hoot! I bet VBS was a blast for those kids. Thank goodness for Mamas like you! I love to read your blog-you nut!!!

Cheryl said...

Looks like a great time was had by all. Good for you for volunteering--VBS is not for the faint of heart!