Jul 16, 2007

Tag Time and My Fallen Status

Edit Two:And Bubba's Sis, (affectionately known as B/S--but she's not full of b/s, promise) is pretty much my favorite person EVER. And.....D, USO Girl, she's taking me on a sisterchick road trip. For sure she's my favorite person...EVER.

Edit: Tagging Twisted & Skewered--go over there and read this latest post--you're probably going to go away feeling superior to her, lol. (kidding!).

And......my buddy Cat, it's been awhile since I've tagged her. She's a slacker this week, so maybe she'll blog something good now!

I've been tagged not once, but TWICE, and I'm just now doing the tag because I wanted to take time and think! So, Katja at Scimbaco, who said I was "so cool" and is now my favorite person EVER--oh check out her site, amazing things there. And Jenny at Jenny Up The Hill, who tagged me a longggg time back(sorry sorry sorry, Jenny, I'm a loserhead) and said some pretty darned nice things as well, and is now my favorite person EVER, this is for you:

Eight Facts About Me I've taken creative license here and turned it into:
Four Things I Seriously Despise
followed later in the week by
Four Things I Seriously Adore

* When I go to the grocery store and hand over my 'store card' and they swipe, thus applying the discount (aka sale price) and at the same time recording my buying preferences. The clerk hands me a receipt (four feet long). Tells me how much I've 'just saved'.
Are you KIDDING me? I've shelled out $250 for a scant week of groceries, there is no steak in my cart, not even a roast. Heck, chicken breasts are even a treat nowadays! And I will be back three times this week for more bread, milk, bananas and popcorn! There's no savings here. Say it like it is---'this is a fraction of the mark up on our merchandise, lady. Eat THAT.'

* When friends repeatedly try to convince me to buy thong underwear. Because 'they're so worth it--no more pantylines!'. Yeahhhhh, maybe it's not progressive thinking, but I really do want people to be aware of my pantyline. I'm wearing panties. It's a good thing! I'm cool like that. And WHO is staring at my butt anyway? Check your eyes, move them up up up up uppppp....! Disclaimer here: I have nothing against my thong-wearing friends, seriously do. not. care. Just let me wear my undies in peace, that's all.

* When neighbors put up electric fences for their pets because they just look better, then forget the collar! Their dogs look better over in their yard, not pooping in mine, then digging up Louie's prize ham bone. Or attacking my dog as we pass (this has happened a few times).

* When friends or family hear I have a blog and tout "I don't have time for that kind of thing." Leaves me defending my time, and I don't know why I do that. My kids wear clean undies (not thongs) and I have cleared a nice path down the middle of my house for guests, I work, so give me a break. Just say you aren't into that kind of thing, don't imply I have too much time on my hands, then proceed to fill me in on American Idol, The Bachelor and Dancing With The Stars. (hence today's song)
So...there you have it. I have an evil side to me, I struggle with it. Naw, I'm at peace with it, but that sounded better. I'm posting this now, will tag later this evening and update. But for now....I have to hit that typing deadline....I don't have time for that kind of thing. (giggle)
PS--the photo down there, my Top Momma stint? Over. Done. Official...I am no Top Momma. It hurts, not gonna lie, but it's for the best. My head was getting far too big.


Jenny said...

LOL! I agree with the people who say "I don't have time for that"...drives me nuts. I mean really, I work hard to make my home look like a drug dealer's home! And the thongs...ack! Btw, you're still a Top Momma to me!!

kailani said...

You're still a top momma in my books. And you wear whatever kind of panties you want! It's your butt. LOL!

Funky Art Queen said...

Totally understand the thong thing. I mean, we spend half of our life pulling our panties out of the very place they are hiding theirs in. And for the people that don't have time to blog, well we all have the same amount of time-it is how we choose to use it that is different. It is all about priorities. Hugs to you Stacey!

Debbie said...

No thongs, good for you. A kindred spirit!

Cat said...

Awww I am sorry you didn't last longer on the topmama! you sure were there a while though! Congrats!

I Don't tell people I blog. LOL for that reason! lol

Miss ya GF!!!

JaniceNW said...

You could SO be my BFF soulmate if only you weren't Republican!!


Thanks for the linkage.

Katja from skimbaco.com said...

My dear BFF,
Thank you so much for the information that I really wanted not to know about you (what kind of undies you wear) and thank you for playing my favorite song from the wild teenager years when I was dancing like a little ape in the European discos.

And thanks for sharing the "don't have time to blog". My family asks, "are they really people who buy online", they haven't visited my blog yet.

I'm leaving on a road trip (16 hours 2 minutes said Mapquest) tomorrow, but I catch the rest of the 8 at some Starbucks on the way. I have marked all of them on the map, too bad they don't disclosure the info, whether they have wireless internet or not.

Have a fabulous week!


Anonymous said...

I totally agree about the thong people. In my case, however, it's not my friends insisting, it's my hubby. HUGE sigh.

I think grocery stores are evil. I'm with you...savings? What savings?

Anonymous said...

oops, hit send too soon....I'm so very sorry about your Top Momma status. On to bigger and better things, right?

Bubba's Sis said...

Hate. Thongs. I used to have one and I don't even know what happened to it (I probably lost it in my butt!). I'm with you - I wear panties. Deal with it. 'Nuff said.

And hey, I thought *I* was your favorite person EVER?!?!?

Bubba's Sis said...

Silly me - how did I miss that the first time I read thru it?? You are just the sweetest thing!

Anonymous said...

Ummm....wait a minute....B/S is your favorite person EVER??? I think I just dropped a friend from my Sisterchick adventure. ;)

Anonymous said...

Look what happens when you clean your glasses! You can suddenly read things more clearly.
You are fun and just the most darlin' thing ever! :)

Cat said...

Okay, I so could be your sisterchick! we need to do that. LOL

Oh and what do I need to do now that you tagged me? do I tag others? do I have to make a list of things about me? I am confused. (yes we all know how easy that is. LOL)

Misty Dawn said...

I agree with D - grocery stores are evil! Pure evil!

I just started blogging. It was a long time ago that I gave up on attempting to defend what I do online or on the computer. I will admit that I probably spend WAY too much time in front of computer each day. But, I don't neglect my other responsibilities, and I am quite capable of walking away from the computer if needed (HONEST - I can stop any time I want - I don't really NEED the internet - I'm not an addict - HONEST!)

pinks & blues girls said...

Awww! All that collective work we put into Top Momma and it's all done!? No fair!! Well, you hung in there for a long time. I'm proud of you, girl!! :)

Those blogger-haters... I know about them!! They'll probably have their own blogs in a few months!

Jane, P&B Girls

Dawn :) said...

you totally look like a thong kinda gal, so maybe that's why the insistance :)


I hate that whole grocery store "Hey, look at how much you saved" bull too - no, this is how much MORE you'd have ripped me off if I didn't have my keys with me!