Feb 9, 2009

That's Progress

My older two know this, but clearly my post-Pampered Chef-child has never had put much effort into instant drink mix making. In deciding upon Kool-Aid for Alex's lunch, our pitcher already had green tea in it. No problem, I go down to me knees in front of the cabinet, breath deep and go deep, finally pulling out another pitcher (and the coffee filters I forgot I had, a tea jar with crusted instant tea 2" deep at the bottom and, hooray, a little packet of vanilla flavored coffee grounds).

Alex chose cherry, dumped the packet along with sugar inside and filled it with water. He hesitated, looked at me, down at the pitcher, me again, (I'd have said 'up at me' about three months ago, but now, my 11 year old little baby boy looks at me eye level) in all seriousness and asked "Mom? How are we supposed to stir this?".

With that, I know the art of stirring Kool-Aid into those great mini tornadoes that sometimes seep up and over the edge, is lost in my home. I don't do so well with progress...it took me two years to finally switch over to boot cut. It'll take me another six to switch back..and by then I'm not even certain we'll be putting our jeans on one leg at a time. I keep thinking there has GOT to be a better way.


Anonymous said...

Gotta love that boy (and your blog) - As always too funny. :}}}}

Mr. JameeForever

Jim and Jami said...

you are one kooky, crazy, family, and that is why we love you so!

D... said...

Kids today just don't know what rough is, do they? ;)

Cute story!