Feb 6, 2009

JenGi Goes to Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma Joe's

How's this for delayed reaction?! JenGi might think I don't love her so much anymore--but I doooooo! I'm just running my show a little slow, that's all.

JenGi, J, Oldman and Gremlin (both adorable, sweetheart little boys, btw) made the journey to Lee's Summit a few weeks ago for her birthday (28th, I think) weekend. JenGi was under the weather, so not much bashing, sigh. I did buy bash juice, but we didn't even bring it in from the garage. Still, it was so good to see her again. You wouldn't know it's been over a year since we've seen each other, it felt more like a week. That's what I've always liked about her, she's incredibly funny and right away I'm laughing. She's my favorite thing in the Ozarks, my Ozark Mountain bff.

Saturday, we headed over to our blogfriend's apartment, Cat. Cat and her family were with us last Christmastime when we all three went out to see the lights...and had a blast! She and her hubby have since divorced and we've adopted hubby Jeff, lol. So...Jeff brought Brandon over ...so the boys took the boys to Paradise Park for some arcade action. Which left JenGi and I plenty of time to visit Cat, catch up, laugh, watch Cat's dog do a little burlesque show, laugh a little more!

That evening we headed out for some authentic Kansas City BBQ! So of course Oklahoma Joe's? Whatever, by the time John picked we were sick of talking about it. I told JenGi we were headed to Kansas and she cracked me up when she said 'okay...uh, how long until we eat then?'! She forgot we weren't in the Ozarks anymore, we were only 15 minutes to the border, lol. But she was going to go even IF...thinking it was over two hours, hehe.

We arrived in Kansas found Oklahoma Joe's (makes no sense, does it!!) and the line was literally out the door. After about ten or fifteen minutes back and forth, trying to decide what we were and were not willing to do for BBQ, even checking out the neighboring Chinese restaurant with four customers and a broken down buffet, then retreating in haste, we decided we'd do anything for BBQ after all.

We finally get settled at the back of the line when the door opens and a few people come in, clear their throats and tell us they're with the group ahead of us. No prob, come on in. When the door didn't close and dern near 12 people filed in, JenGi finally asked it: "How many are in your group?" 14. FOURTEEN?! Kansas people are like that.

Needless to say we spent a lot of time in line saying 'fourteen' out loud...like 'hey, looks like we've got about 20 plus 14 people to go' 'Mom, how much longer?', 'FOURTEEN MINUTES TO GOOOOO', 'Ummmm looks like about FOURTEEN people to go...' You get the picture. But....the line wasn't bad, the food was GREAT and the company even better.

Unfortunately Oldman and Gremlin woke up in the night sick, so they weren't able to come by Sunday morning for brunch. Yep, they got a hotel this round. I think Louie climbing up the stairs last year in the night to quench his thirst from their toilet was a deal breaker. Next time they ARE staying here (you're coming again for our WWII Memorial trip, right?? JenGi??).

Okay off to get showered ....Alex is having Alec over for a neighborhood airsoft gun day and he's kinda anxious. Fun fun! Pics at Oklahoma Joe's:


Anonymous said...

It sounded like so much fun! Yummy too. I love the photos, you can just see all the fun coming off the screen.

Don't count me out for a visit sometime. Of course, if you are ever in NY, you are always welcome here too.

I so appreciate you and all of your support. You have not idea.

Love you lots,

Mrs. C said...

LOL You guys are funny. I'm always smiling at well, most of your posts anyway. :]

Jenny86753oh9 said...

26 years old...yeah, baby...don't I look it?!

We had a blast! I didn't know you had some fun juice in the garage! You're gonna have to break that out on my next visit.

How I love you, Gidget!

Your forever Ozark Moutain BFF.

D... said...

I am bummed that I didn't get any KC bbq when we were there a few years ago. I wanted some. But we didn't have time before the Royals game and Big D didn't want to wait around for lunch time the next day. Ah well. Next time! With YOU!

I'm glad ya'll had so much fun together!

Bubba's Sis said...

You know what's missing from those pictures? D... and me!!!! Next time we're there, baby!

(How long does it take to drive from H-Town to K.C.?)

Misty Dawn said...

Don't forget me B/S!!! I wanna be there too!

Stacey & Jen/Gi, I love ya both - you guys are great!