Feb 10, 2009

Photo Challenge..And A Surprise

My friend (who happens to be an amazing CT gal, by the way), Valeri Gail, challenged me to go to my pictures file, go to the 6th folder and grab the 6th picture in that folder. Even as I key this, I have yet to do this, I'm scared. Okay here goes:

Wow...hmm. For those who don't know him, this is my dear dear friend, John, who passed away last Spring. In fact, I believe this is the last photo he ever took. I took it on my phone, something told me I needed to. It's not a good photo, it's clear he's hurting, but friends, let me tell you despite what it looks like, he was trying to smile. He was in great pain and still managed to smile and let me know he was going to be okay.

I'm going to challenge six ladies:

Mrs. Aunt Bea

I'll be back to link up, but if you get this in the meantime, I'd love to see.


Mrs. C said...

It's John! Blast from the not too distant past. :]

Stacey said...

he was amazing, just look at that beautiful face.

ValeriGail said...

Wow! Love the picture of your friend. I've got a similiar picture of my Grandmother when I visited her 2 weeks before she passed. She had stage 4 lung cancer, and was very sick... yet she smiled so very much. My cousin had come to visit, bringing her 3 month old son.. my grandma's great grandson. She is holding him in the picture, looking down at him with such sweet tenderness. The moment broke my heart, and I pulled out my phone and took a pic.

Jim and Jami said...

what a sweet photog. come over to the Circus and take a peek.....

Bubba's Sis said...

Stacey, I'm on this like a duck on a junebug. Come over soon and see what I've got (gosh, I hope it's decent!).

D... said...

Fun! I really like that picture of your John. I know you miss him.

I'll get to this sometime tonight or tomorrow. But, what do I do? My folders are filled with folders. Seriously.

Misty Dawn said...

My mission is complete, Stace. I jumped all over this meme right away - just for you :-)

(((HUGS))) You were an angel for John. He is always with you.

Jenny86753oh9 said...

That's super cool that John was your "tagged" photo. Perfect Valentine week photo!

Ok, so my turn, eh? I don't know about this "duck on junebug" thing, Ms. B/S is all about, but I'm on "it"! How's that??