Aug 19, 2008

The Cake That Makes The World Go Round--Again!

Okay John said he was getting kind of sick of waiting a week between posts. Can't have while I'm still in my contemplation mode, I'm going to post anyway. And what better way to post and update all y'all whether you want 'em or not, pictures! Yes that's right, it's photo album time.

Yesterday was Cody's middle boy is 17. And stayed up all night the night before playing Halo with a friend. First day of school was today (poor Cody), so here's what last night's birthday celebration looked like (note 'the cake'):

Too excited, I know. He didn't even eat a piece, he blew out the candles and limped upstairs to bed. If I'd known, I might have not killed myself getting the stinkin cake that makes the world go round done! Here's a shot of Niki joining in on the festivities (she had a migraine):Be jealous of that, will ya?! Yeah. That's right. We know about fun and we know how to use it. Okay, John and I did, we had fun at Cody's party.

This is Niki's boyfriend--her birthday isn't until October and he already gave her the early birthday gift....a pink helmet to match his blue one. How cute is that--we're too excited about our little girl zooming down the highway on the back of a motorcycle, can not even tell you. He is a nice guy, though, I can't say he's not. Yet.

Here's Cody (Niki was evading my camera) first day of school. Niki wasn't hyped up at the thought of going in for an extra semester, but she did it, she got through it, and I'm more than proud of her. I couldn't have been easy walking through those doors today knowing all her friends were gone.

Here's Alex's first day--not gonna lie, it was a long first day. We'll get our groove going, though, it's just tough with a new curriculum and all.

Cody's camera arrived today (his one day late birthday present) I took a picture of the camera in the used bag, so next year it'll be a blurred memory, he'll think I got it purchased on time:

And this is what I feel like this evening after a whirlwind of birthday, in-laws visiting, first day of school, and releasing a new digi kit (you knew there'd be one of me):
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Mrs. C said...

Happy Birthday, Cody!!!

Good for you, Niki!! If I see a bright pink n blue pair of helmets on the highway I'll know it's you guys... ;]

((Alex)) hope you're feeling better! What curriculum are you using? Nosy me wants to know.

Lotsa stuff in this post.


Anonymous said...

Love your photos Stacey. Your family is so beautiful and you can always see the love in their eyes.

I know the pink helmet has to be a bit tough, it would be for me. However, compromises lead to good things, like Niki going through that school door. I'm sitll praying for you all.

Happy Home Schooling!


Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

Awesome pictures, woman. ANd of course, ya know - you've left out info and just sprung it on us - but yeah, we forgive you :)

Congrats on being nominated for the hot blogger calendar! You are SO deserving - you look great, even frazzled!

D... said...

Yay for pictures! Happy Late Birthday to Cody! I hope you continue to find Niki's boyfriend nice. I am so proud of her for walking through those doors. I know that was hard.

Angela Williams Duea said...

Happy birthday Cody - and yay for Nikki!

We just had a birthday at our place, too.

Hmmm, looking thru those photos I see that your kids take after you in theface-making department - LOL!