Aug 12, 2008

Anyone Have A Tab Bottle I Could Buy?

Gosh so much goes on and with all my good intentions, I don't ever get around to publishing like I want to. Before Alex's accident, I had taken a trip to St. Joe to meet up with my dear dear friends, Kelly and Nova. I picked Kelly up and we met Nova at Barbosa's, that famously amazing authentic Mexican castle downtown. We had the funnest lunch (we were celebrating Kelly's birthday), they all are the funnest, though. Then after a reluctant goodbye to Nova, Kelly and I took her fiance, Eric, his lunch (by now it's nearly 3, lol, but he was kind enough not to mention that) at the Police Department where he works.
We stopped at a very cool antique store on our way back home where I left my name for the owner in hopes he will run into some old Tab bottles and call me. I'd really love to have a Tab bottle or two. Memories of my grandmother are intermingled with so many amazing things from angel food cake for my birthday, to sneaking bites of the giant Hershey bar always present in her fridge, to coloring at our own little desk, the metal dollhouse, the red velvet bedspread, cantaloupe in the morning...and popping open a cold Tab, watching the smoke rise out of the bottle before taking my first sip. So....hoping he remembers and finds a Tab bottle just for me.
Here we are leaving the restaurant--Kelly in the middle, Nova on the right. Someone at church said this shirt flattered me--I'm fixin to tell her I really like her without makeup better next time I see her, that all the girls are saying it. I think it's okay to do that so long as we agree to all pray about it later...right? Pshh! I'm NOT pregnant, darnnit!

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~TAMY 3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

Cute picture! I haven't seen a TAB bottle in about a million years - good luck on your search. It sounds like you could have been at my grandma's house. Sorry I haven't been around much, I've been swamped lately and am playing catch-up.

artisticdiva said...

If I have time, I'll run up to Jesse James and look for one. Eric and I were up there a week or so ago and I totally forgot you wanted a Tab bottle!

Hey, send me a copy of this photo. I want it for my scrap book.

Love ya!

D... said...

My memories of TAB are visiting my grandmother. She loved to drink it. I hope you get your bottle!

Maybe she meant the color of the shirt? Because that green does look good on you. And it never occurred to me that you looked pregnant.

Tammy said...

I remember cans of Tab, but not bottles of it. You don't look pregnant, it's just the flowing shirt.

Anonymous said...

I will keep my eyes open for a bottle of tab, in all my antique stores I love to visit.

I think you look great in the photo. Not pregnant! Your are too hard on yourself. You all look so HAPPY. Sounded like a fun time, glad you had one.

Sandi McBride said...

Oh Hon, yes, do pray about it...afterwards! You might say something like "did you misplace your trowel? Your face looks so clean and clear without all that makeup! lol...subtlety is not my strong suit!
I think you look terrific~

Ms. Can't Be Wrong said...

Down here, in these parts, we call 'em flea markets. And if you ever decided, once and for all, to haul yer pretty hiney down here. We'd go find us some.

Bubba's Sis said...

I'll keep an eye out for a Tab bottle for you, too! Memories are precious - anything that keeps those memories alive is priceless!

You're lookin' WAY cute in that picture, girl!

kailani said...

What are you talking about? You don't look pregnant in that shirt. You're adorable!

Mrs. C said...

I could not WAIT to tell you I found cases and cases of TAB at Wal-Mart and all over my basement!!

Then I woke up.

See? I think about you even in my sleep LOL! Scary.

Angela Williams Duea said...

Sounds like lots of fun! The shirt does look great on you...good color, too!

Anonymous said...

Found some very cool tab bottles on e-bay. I'd send some to you, but didn't know where to send them. They were not expensive at all.

Let me know how your search is going!

Hang on to those wonderful memories.