Jul 23, 2008

Updated Profile Pics--Summer Edition

To everyone who commented and prayed for Alex, thank you so much! I'm working my way to your blogs, it seems I get to a few and something interrupts me and I'm finished for the day. At this rate, I'll be 90 before I visit all my dear friends.

I'm pleased to tell you he is healing nicely and I'll be sure to post a new picture this weekend. You won't recognize him. His mouth is still very sore and looks bad, but he will heal. He goes in tomorrow to see about a root canal, I'm praying he won't need one. I can't imagine how much more he can handle going through, to be honest.

His summer is pretty well shot. We were headed to Six Flags because he earned two free tickets with our homeschool reading program, but because they expire on Aug 10 and he cannot do anything like that for at least a month, sigh, no go. I'm going to write them and see if they'll honor them in September, it could happen!

This is also VBS week. I'm working in crafts this year, and have to say I really really like that! The time definitely flies, probably because there just isn't enough time to get eight craft sticks glued side by side, the made into a frame then unstuck from the paper on the table, then decorated with stickers then glitter gel. I work too hard! I do!

Our air conditioner went out the other day...on THE hottest day of the year,
no less (see photo, I believe this summer has aged me at least 10 years!)

However, I'm connected. Yup, John's brother, Jim, owns a heating and cooling company here in Lee's Summit. But when the guy arrived, we found the entire unit kaput. Finito. Gone. AND to put in a new unit, we might as well go for zoned heating and cooling (the unit we have isn't adequate for this size house...naturally). And the furnace would need to be replaced too. A ton of money. And we are just coming up on the tail end of paying off all our credit debt. BUT in the process, we have cancelled all credit and we have saved NOTHING, used all our savings to do this. September was going to bring great relief, now this.

So...just when we were pondering what we were going to do, and just when it looked as if we would be sleeping with turbo fans directly on our bodies each night in the living room, John called from work. His boss decided to give him an extra bonus so we could get this system. It was unbelievable, we're still stunned. John's been there several years and Mike really relies on him, so I know he's earned this. But at the same time, what an incredible gift this will be. John told Mike he won't take a raise next year, which is fine with me! Besides, we're supposed to save at least 30% with the new system, so that alone is good enough for me. The ladies at VBS were praying, we were praying, and God did provide a way.
That's pretty much it....I know I'm still lagging in the blogging, but I really really have missed all of you. And I sooo appreciate your care and concern for Alex, you have no idea. It has got to settle down sometime--when Beth at the church office said it can only get better, I shushed her right away. Because I know better than most that it can always get a little worse! There seems to always be room for a little worse--it's a Poirier luck thing, I think!

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Jenny 865-53oh9 said...

I'm so glad he's doing better...Oh, I hope he doesn't have to have a root canal!

You're right I owe you a call back. Got another call from my boss and everything went a little crazy...yess, I need to fill you in!

Mrs. C said...

Yay for the bonus!! I don't know how you live without credit cards though. We do all our groceries, etc. on it and then just pay it off each month. THEN Discover gives us money each year and I got $300 to spend at LL Bean. I think they're counting on you overspending and doing that "Paying Interest" thing to them. Did you know if you pay it all that month you pay no interest?

I hope the company is nice about deferring the tickets to the park.

Ms. Can't Be Wrong said...

Aged you? Ha! Think of it as a sauna at a high end spa. I'm sure you've sweated, ur, um, relieved yourself of a tiny bit of unnecessary water weight, pesky stuff that it is.

Now that I've said that ... Praise God for all of your miracles! Don't spend time thinking about whether it could be better or worse. Just bask in His Glory!! You are a daughter of the King!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad Alex is healing. I pray he does not have to have that root canal. Six Flags better honor his tickets! I can't imagine them being so cold hearted. Take it all the way to the top, if you get a no.

Sorry to hear about your A/C. I am so afraid that is going to happen to me. I am thrilled that it worked out for you. Hope they can get it installed soon.

Take some time for you, sweetie. Make the time. Even if it is just for a day.

Love and prayers.

Angela Williams Duea said...

Hooray! God's really blessed you. Now, I'll keep praying that Alex heals nicely.

I bet you won't BELIEVE how much a new furnace/ac will help your energy bills. This is a two-fer blessing!

D... said...

What a blessing about the early bonus! God provides!!

That is great news that Alex is healing & feeling better. I pray that a root canal is not needed. But, if it is, I know that Alex is a strong boy & will be able to handle it. To be honest, I've had several root canals & never had a problem or pain.

What a bummer about Six Flags. Do write them. You never know, they just might honor it for September. It's certainly worth a shot!

Aged 10 yrs? Pshaw! Beautiful as always. But, yeah, no a/c = No.Fun. So, again, yay about the bonus!

Tammy said...

Nah!!! You just get better looking!

artisticdiva said...

I'm glad the little guy's better! A root canal isn't too bad--have had many of them, unfortunately. At least he'll still have his own teeth. Remember Craig's false tooth in the front of his mouth? I remember him flicking it out in elementary school!

Look at your calendar so we can make another "date" to get together for dinner...

Love ya,


Bubba's Sis said...

God is good, isn't He? He always provides.

SO glad Alex is doing better! Give him a Texas hug from Bubba's Sis so he'll keep improving! Love ya'll so much!

Sandi McBride said...

Stacey, I have an award for you at my place, hope you stop by and pick it up...hope Alex is feeling well...decided to start leaving my comments here rather than the digiscrap site...prayers for Alex!

kailani said...

I'm sure Six Flags will honor them if you tell them what happened. Poor guy! Not a good way to spend Summer vacation.

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

Hee-hee! Your picture cracks me up!

Glad your Alex is on the mend...