Jun 6, 2008

Rethinking JameeForever

A few weeks ago I started seriously throwing around the idea of putting JameeForever on a shelf for a few months, a year, maybe indefinitely. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed with everything I have to do I'm not able to keep up with my blog friends like I should....wait. Should. That's where I'm sitting right now. How much blogging should I do? And do I have a point? I kept mulling that around...what's the point what's the point?!

So I rewind and remember why I began this blog in the first place--I'd been admiring some sewing, thrifting, housekeeping blogs and really wanted to join in. Then quickly realized I had some things to say, which snowballed into the dear friends I've made. But it's not a sewing, housekeeping blog anymore.

And I've been feeling the pressure to add all these things to my bloglife that are sure to keep me abreast the latest greatest and assure I won't be left eating dust if I don't get with it. I Twitter, I AIM, I Facebook, I Adoptic, I BlogHer, StatCounter, What's Your State Numba, Loser....I'm subscribed to anything and everything that remotely speaks to me, and I'm seriously considering a driving to Plurkland, I'm curious.

In the end, I think about this, think about the digi blog where I add freebies, and I think about what direction my life is headed. I've gotten so chained to this desk (I don't have a notebook, sigh) that some days my LEGS hurt as I got up out of the chair. That's not right. I'll never lose weight if I don't move, I'll never have the home I want if I don't take care of it, and I'll never be satisfied with more more more. Nope. I'm not going to hang up JameeForever just yet, no. Not that many of you would notice of late, I've been kind of laid back with the blog posts.

I'm releasing myself from the pressure of 'doing it all' and posting every day and I'm just not going to worry about my stats just now, I'm not going to fret when I find comments from my friends on my other friends blogs and nothing on mine that day (come ON am I the ONLY one who admits it?...I'm not, am I? Uh oh. See what I mean?!). It's okay. I don't have something interesting every single day. Heck I rarely have something interesting each week anymore, I'm so busy working with the digi stuff.

I'm still here, just not worrying about how many posts I must make to stay on top of the blog rolls, how funny will I need to be to win an award, how clever can I write to keep up with book reviews. I'm still brilliantly funny, clever and creative, no worries. Just not every day! I struggled with how to word this post, I don't want to appear as if I'm quitting nor do I want to sound as if I'm frustrated and petty. I'm none of those. So I asked God for the words, and like He always does, He gave them to me. I think this is just how I needed to say it. I love you, my blog friends, dearly, I'm never going to not want to come see you all the time, I didn't want you to feel that way either. I've felt incredibly guilty that I haven't gotten over every day..heck not even every week. I'm making changes in my life to allow more time to just come be your friend, not worry about being your friend, networking, hyperlinking and all the 'junk' I get bogged down in. It's good stuff, all of it is. But I'm an addictive personality, I need to find a good balance.

JameeForever is too near and dear to me to turn it into anything other than the initial reason I started blogging--it is my life shared. And it's my way of sharing my family, including Jamee, with others. It's where I come to be a friend. But I don't think there's anything wrong with making a blog work for you, please don't take that away from this post....my digi blog was formed purely for that reason, so it's a good thing!

AND now because my bff Kelly is on her way, the house is a wreck and I'm in PJs still, I'll need to dash. But not before leaving you with a good tip--after all that IS why I started this blog in the first place. I don't use expensive shaving creme on my legs, I don't want them to smell like a tropical flower dipped in chocolate anyway. THAT's what my beaded, exfoliating and coconut shards body soap is for. Instead, try some inexpensive (I use the mondo Suave for $.97) shaving cream instead. It really works and it lasts forever! No rusty cans either.


Tammy said...

Stacey I will always consider you a friend no matter if you blog or not. Blogging is supposed to be fun and when it stops becoming fun then maybe it's time for a break. I really enjoy all your posts and they help me find my own inspiration in God. Relax and take it easy my friend and please know that I'm here if you ever wanna chat. HUGS ~ Tammy

Jenny 865-53oh9 said...

I love you, Stacey!! And I love you even more, for honest posts such as this one. Obviously you know how anal-retentive I've been lately on staying up with the latest and greatest. Part of it is work related but part is just my nerdiness. Heck, if I want to get the latest and greatest from you, I'll call. I was just griping to a friend, not even an hour ago how I felt like a heel that my job/blogging/networking has taken over my life so bad, that right now I have one son playing his DS on the couch and the other is playing computer games in another room and I sit at my computer. This is NOT what I envisioned for my summer. You make taking a break seem cool....

...now off to shower and spend some time with the boys.

Ms. Can't Be Wrong said...

You should know that I love you just the way God made you. Blog or no blog.

I found you thanks to JenGi. Which turned out to be a God thing, funny how that works, huh.

You should also know that over the last year as I have silently (mostly) struggled with a strained relationship with my one and only sibling and sister ... your posts about Jamee and Nikki have meant so much to me. They have helped me not be angry or have a pity party, but take the high road and be the best sister I can be!!

If you write more posts, I'll read them. If you don't, you've blessed me.

No offense to anyone, but I swear some of these people make stuff up just to have something to post every-stinkin'-day! :)

Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

You will always be a friend. It doesn't matter if you post your grocery list. I'll still read, and comment :)

You have to do what makes YOU happy, first. Stop stressing - you have enough stress in everything else - blogging shouldn't be a part of it.

We all love you :)

Kiesha said...

I'll still read if you only post one time a month. Take the time that you need for YOU!

Kiesha said...

I'll still read if you only post one time a month. Take the time that you need for YOU!

Kiesha said...

I'll still read if you only post one time a month. Take the time that you need for YOU!

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

When I started blogging two years ago I blogged every single day, some days two or three times. Now I go a week or even two between entries. I have noticed the same thing woth my blog friends. We all go through cycles. I have you on my reader so when you post I read, no matter if it's been a day, a week, a month or a year. Don't feel obligated to blog- I had to teach myself that. We all love to feel guilty about something, but don't let that something be blogging!!
love ya girl!!

Mary said...

Keep your focus where it should be. You'll be much happier in the long run. :)

Bubba's Sis said...

Stacey-Girl, I love you so much and would be heart-broken if you didn't blog anymore. BUT I want you do to do what's best for YOU. I don't care if you post every day or what your stats are or any of that. I just enjoy popping into your life every so often, and hope you'll pop into mine when you have time. I am blessed by your friendship. Blog or no blog, I'll still keep in touch.

Eileen said...

I love your honesty and you. Keep on blogging, don't stop blogging...your gonna be a star some day...your gonna make a lot of people happy when they come to see what you say.." Can you tell I had an old Helen Redy CD on today. But seriously, don't stress about it, just blog when you can or when the feeling hits. This is suppose to be relaxing, fun and STRESS FREE!!

With me, I know it all depends on what is going on in my life at the moment or my mood. Just do what feels right for you. Take care of YOURSELF.

J&J said...

Hay Girlie, Love Ya!
Your PS

Cate said...

Hey there, speaking as a fellow sporadic blogger - chill out & enjoy the ride :-)


Cheryl said...

Hey, girlfriend. Here's some advice for you....keep it simple. Enjoy your life, and when you are inspired to write, write. When you aren't, don't. There's nothing wrong with a quiet blog. I have learned this myself recently. Just knowing you're still here is great. And, when you do speak after a quiet spell, your words are that much more powerful. Your friends won't leave you. We'll still be here checking on you. :)

D... said...

Aw, Stacey, you should always do what's best for you & your family. Your friends will stand beside you & love you no matter what. I totally understand where you are coming from. I feel like I spend too much time on the computer as well.

{{{Stacey}}} Love your blog but love you more! Visit & post when you can.

Sharon said...

I hear ya - I started blogging two years ago and tried to post daily but found it just doesn't happen with my busy life. Now I just blog when I have something to say. I quit looking at stats months ago, and if my friends don't comment, well I figured they didn't love me anymore (ok, just kidding!) I realize they're just as busy living their live as I am living mine.

So, what I'm saying is do what you need to do to keep Stacey and her loved ones adjusted and focused on what needs to be focused on.

So if this blog is quiet for awhile, or it stops completely, its okay - you're still loved and thought of.

Besides, I know where you live and you just never know when you might get an unexpected visitor at your door...

Love ya Stacey!

Mrs. C said...

Just commenting to say I'm your bloggy friend no matter what. Mayyybe sometime even IRL if we could get away for a day. :]

Angela Williams Duea said...

I cheer your decision to take control of your blogging, instead of it controlling you! Writer what you want, when you want - I'll always be by to see you, even if I don't have anything witty to say back to you!

Kim said...


I think that we all go through that with our blogs. Or maybe you and I are the only ones. I too have had to take a break every once in a while from it. It's not that I never had something to say it was just that I needed a break from my desk...Oh how the legs can hurt. :)

You have been one of the best blogging friends that I have made. Keep on blogging when you want to blog. Doesn't matter if it's just once a month. I'll still be here reading your posts.

You're a wonderful friend!

Terence Chang said...


It will be very disappointed if you take this blog offline. Your are my favorite blogger in the world.

I love what you have on this blog and why you have this blog at first place.

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Can you find your happy face? I am glad that my little happiness project is finally paying off!

Awesome! So keep up with your faith with your blog.


kailani said...

I've been thinking about this lately, too, especially since I went back to work full-time this month. Something is going to have to give but I'm not sure what.

I hope you keep on blogging!

jennyonthespot said...

Look at all the comments!

I totally know what you mean. It is so addictive! I am glad you are not going to shelf this... It is just learning how to balance. We will always have to learn...

You facebook? I do too! I am Jenny Ingram, if you want to make me a friend... or how do I find you? This is just craziness.

Trinity said...

My dear Stacey, what an honest post.. hahaha... you will still be in my heart, with or without blog... and you can visit me anytime, whenever you visit Indonesia ok? ok? *hugs*

God bless you, us and all of us!!! :-)

Trinity said...

If you have time, I invite/tag you for
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... hope you can participate.. :-)

Misty Dawn said...

OK - I'm late reading this. Why am I late? Because I am going through the EXACT same thing you are! Ya know - except for the fact that we look different and have different parents, we could totally be twins ;-) Seriously - I am now working a full time job, coming home and working a part time job, still handling the bills and all the other 'home' duties...... and trying to remember to eat and sleep somewhere in there too. YEP, I can TOTALLY relate to what you are saying. I have put SO much guilt on myself because, lately, all I do is post and don't find time to visit-the only time I find to visit other blogs is during the weekend and usually, that's all Camera-Critters... Because, you see, I just really can't give up that desire to go for my photo-walks on the weekend - photography is just too dang important to me to give up.

ANYWAY-Stace-what I'm trying to say here is that I LUV you... whether you are blogging or not. You were one of the first blogging buddies I ever made - and you have been a source of inspiration, encouragement, friendship, laughter, and smiles ever since. I will always consider you my 'friend' (WAY beyond an online acquaintance)... AND, I sincerely DO hope and pray we get to meet IN PERSON one day... I'm really holding onto that - it would be an absolute crime if we didn't! Don't ya think? I mean - we're so close and we get along SO well... just sayin'.

OH - am I hijacking your comments section again??? Sorry... just want you to know I luv ya bunches of muches!

it's me, Val said...

What a great post. I can relate to it so much. So much. Just wanted to let you know that I'll be here reading no matter how often you do/don't post!