Jun 15, 2008

Memphis Time--and Prayer Requests

I'm supposed to be in church right now, but they discovered a word in the PowerPoint, so I had to come home and fix it quickly. So....it appears I've got a few minutes to kill before heading back to church, having lunch with the group that's going and hitting the road. So of course that makes me happy, I've been running around and not able to post updates. But I will hopefully have access to your blogs while I'm there, so if I do, I'll drop in. It'll be so nice to catch up and feel part of home, weird, I know.

Pray for us if you will, I'd appreciate that. Also a few prayer requests if you think of it--

  • My friend's son has Rocky Mountian Spotted Fever--pray for recovery
  • My dear friend's brother is experiencing heart issues, pray for wisdom of his doctors and for good health for many many many years to come (love ya, bff)
  • My friend's husband is having difficulty recovering from heart surgery
  • I had a dream about Niki last night it was so real--please pray she comes around soon, ready to get her diploma and get on track again. For good. And that she realizes we've always loved her dearly and always wanted what's best for her.
  • Pray MiracleWord.net is received well and can grow to be the amazing gift that I so deeply believe it is....living our lives IN Scripture rather than pulling pieces of Scripture to fit into our lives. Sign onto the forums this week, introduce yourself and pm me (I'm Nicoal) and I'll take four of those names (you should do it, you never know if only four people do it, you'll win for sure!) and send you a Miracle Word Bag--very cool bags, not gonna lie.

Thank you, my friends. I'll be praying for each of you as always--and now I leave you with Alex's photo from last week's swim meet:


Anonymous said...

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Tammy said...

I will definitely add them to my prays. I'll be thinking of you and praying for you also my friend.

artisticdiva said...

Good luck Stacey! I'm off to Colorado tomorrow. I'll call you when I get back. Love ya!

D... said...

Love the picture of Alex!

Prayers will definitely be sent up for your requests AND you.

I am so excited to hear about your Miracle Word/Memphis trip. I feel in my bones that it's going to be a smashing success.

Travel safe! ♥

Mrs. C said...

Hugs and prayers. Especially for Niki!!

J&J said...

travel safe, praying with you, love the pic of Alex.....

kailani said...

You are such a strong person to be handling Niki being gone so well. You are in my prayers.

Wendy said...

This must be your week for awards! I've got one waiting for you on my blog, come see when you get a chance. And I'll be lifting you up in prayer, too. :)

Anonymous said...

I will keep your prayers close to heart. I will pray extra hard for Niki. God is holding your hand right now, promising brighter days for you and your daughter.

Slow your pace down, unclutter your mind and heart, listen to your intuition and you will find peace and balance.

Thinking of you. Sending love and thoughts of pure light.


Bubba's Sis said...

I pray for you every day, sweetie. Will add your concerns to my prayers as well.

LOVE that photo of Alex! What a great shot!

Trinity said...

Here to pray for you dearie... you are in my heart, always.

Wah Alex can swim very well! Seems that he is so powerful! :-)