May 6, 2008

Why Bother With A Blog Friend When I Could Be Shopping?!

I was gonna post about my new gig at a fun new digi shop (oops, just did!) then I went over to Dawn's blog to shout at her. Not shout shout, but to say 'hey, thanks for your cheers on my digi blog' (oops, another digi spillover!). And come to find out, she's entered in a contest, y'all can read about it at Dawn's place. She had to pick two moms she liked and post about them.

Well, Dawn picked me, and that was humbling enough. But what she said in the post, not sure I can begin to thank her for what she said about me. I didn't know she thought so much of me, honestly, and now that I do, I'm honored. Dawn has been a wonderful friend to me as well. I think we met through another blog, I'm not sure either, Dawn Girl. I think so, though. You probably said something witty and I had to run over and see who said it!

It only hits home what I already believe. I believe in friendships. I have friends here in Lee's Summit, I have friends in my hometown, Savannah (and St. Joseph) and I have friends on the blogosphere. Honestly, the blog friends are every bit as important to me as any other. What I think truly draws me to blogging friends is this:

Shove aside physical attributes, monetary status, bad habits, stinky feet, inability to speak without saying something dumb (me, me, me) and the need to keep up with their 'stuff''. Blog friends are real, blog friends lift me when I need it, they share their wealth of information, they share their opinions (oh yeah, some of them def do this), they share their joys, their achievements, and their broken selves. All those things. More. I love my blog friends, and I have room for more. Lots more.

If you have time, I'm not sure what will get Dawn the prize, but if shouting out to her helps, go over and say hey. She's got room for more friends too, right Dawn Girl?


kailani said...

Perfectly said. It's so strange how we can become so close to people we've never met.

Tammy said...

I went and shouted at her, I hope I didn't scare her. LOL

Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

LOL You're just too funny. Yes, Tammy shouted at me - didn't scare me though - no one that you could send would scare me... except maybe Louie. LOL

I already won the prize when I got to be friends with you, Staceyyyyyyyy. :)

Hey, I need help with a template I d/l'd from you LOL Who woulda thunk it!?

D... said...

Love ya right back! That was beautifully said, Stacey. Congrats on the honor Dawn gave you. Absolutely deserved! Now, I'm off to read it for myself. :D

Bubba's Sis said...

Totally agree with everything Dawn said! You are da bomb, girlfriend! I hope someday you and I (and D!) can meet in real life (I'll be sure to wash my stinky feet!).

Trinity said...

Stacey dearie, Happy mother's day! I have something for you at
it's my love for you!

Congrats for your achievement in digi scrapie land!!

Cathi said...

You have a way with words Stacey and you summed up blogging friendships perfect!!

Cathi said...

I mean "perfectly".

Angela Williams Duea said...

Well said. Our friendships on the internet really lift me up.


Anonymous said...

You summed it up perfectly Stacey. So well said. I read what Dawn wrote about you, and couldn't agree more. Just perfect.


Gayle said...

Yes, yes, yes! I love my bloggy friends, too, for all the reasons you mentioned and I am so glad that you are one of them!