Apr 9, 2008

I'm Re-Educated AND I Have A Third Column

I know, I know, it's nearly 2am...I'm still here, loser that I seem to be lately. Boy, it's been a tough week on the blogosphere--some not-so-kind folks are lurking around not only here but seemingly everywhere. It's probably the RNC's fault, that's the only explanation. In fact, from now on, I'm going to just save time and pin it all on Cheney and Bush and everyone else down the right side of the line. It should encompass everything and I won't be tempted to say something I would have spouted out in a heartbeat just a few years ago.

  • And Mrs. C, this is my brunette head here, learn to love it! (he he!). But, maybe overlook the rained on hair and the very chipped fingernail polish, okay? I clean five toilets, they get that way. Okay I don't clean them all five in the same year, that'd be overkill, but you know what i mean!
JenGi, I'm very glad I called this morning (I did get lost, by the way!). Your friendship made my day today, but it always does! Folks, JenGi's voice is JUST like you'd imagine it, friendly as all get out....and a little hillbilly holler twangy. Just a little, though. Speaking of, I just got an email, my hoola skirt wearing, low-cut top sewing girlfriend, Sharon, and her husband Darwin are coming down for vacation next month! I am SOOOO excited, she's one of my longest blog friends and one of my very dearest. I'll tell you more then I know....but I do know she's coming your way, JenGi.

I've been working on my digi blog site and..............have finally discovered the art of making my blog a three column blog! OMGoodness that wasn't easy for a techno-challenged girl. So, now I'm scrambling to get that blog presentable again, but it's late and I'm leaving it under construction. Be ready, Jamee Forever will be donning a third column soon. But not now, I need to get to bed and maybe think about the error of my Conservative thinking. (okay not really, but it sounds nicer than...what is WRONG with you?????)


Trinity said...

You go girl!! I will wait for your 3 column lay out! Do take a rest!

you are so enthusiastic! I love that!

*wave to JenGi*

Mrs. C said...

5 toilets??! Ok, that's a lot. We have two, and a third in the middle of the laundry room with no wall or door or anything. We also have a bomb shelter in case the Reds attack; I kid you not.

Our builder was crazy.

Donna said...

I found it easy to make 3 columns on Wordpress, but I can't do it on blogspot. And I've decided I'm not moving, so I'm stuck with two.

Jenny 865-53oh9 said...

Oh man...sorry you got lost. I was worried about you.

And as far as that twang? It really gets going when I get all verclempt (like with Ms. Rita!) I'm a head-bobbin' hillbilly!

Jenny 865-53oh9 said...

Oh...*wave to Trinity!*

Stacey said...

Thanks, Trin!

Donna, I left you a message, I'll hook ya up.

JenGi, verclempt? Speak on my level, would ya?

Mrs. C--I don't recommend five toilets, really. Two of them belond to the children, I'm afraid of them, really. So much so, I figure when they're gone, we'll just buy new ones. Toilets, not kids. But yeah, maybe kids, idk, can you do that? If so, why wait until they're gone?! (he!)

Ms. Can't Be Wrong said...

A-man has become quite the toilet cleaner, I'll send him up! He's not quite five yet. I'm sure by age 6 he will forget all I've taught him about a keeping a tidy potty, but I know his future girlfriends will enjoy the stories!

BTW, I had to go buy the book on my lunch hour yesterday. I read your post with the interview clip and said to myself, "Self, you need to read this book."

And, yes I really do hold conversations with myself. I learn a lot that way!

Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

Hiiiii staceyyyyyyy :)

D... said...

Wow! Seriously? Three column blog? You rock! I can't wrap my brain around all that html.

Misty Dawn said...

You're gorgeous... always! Three columns - major cool!

Now - get some rest!!!

Marie said...

Dude, I don't see ANY columns!

Anonymous said...

Being technologically impaired, not sure what you mean by 3 columns, but whatever it is, I am sure you will make it look totally cool. You always do, you have that knack of making things look so pretty. Your getting so techno savy, I'm impressed.
Who is being mean, in the bloggy world? That is not good, not good at all.

Hope everything else is going OK. Get some rest.

Cate said...

Ok - I'm impressed & fully expect that you'll share the secret Holy Grail knowledge of 3 column blogs with all and sundry.

Have I missed something though? Why were people being mean to you online??


jennyonthespot said...

Sounds like you got yerself some exciting changes goin' on here! I am solow-tech, I wish you smooth sailing through the transition :)

Oh, and I'm glad to hear you don't clean all 5 toilets in the same year... I feel at home here... VERY at home :)