Mar 3, 2008

Prince Is Old, But John is Older....................

I'm sure you've heard about Prince and his need for hip replacement surgery. I took it hard. It's not an easy booger to swallow--he's PRINCE (The AFKAP, but that didn't take, he's Prince). I'm not clear on the status of the surgery, he's Jehovah's Witness, something about surgery and blood transfusions, blah blah blah.

I'm not doing well with Prince needing a hip replacement, I'm not doing well with the gray hair I pluck but keeps growing back (I'm not afraid to burn it, this is NOT a highlight), and I'm not doing well with the reality that I know what an 8 track, a record and a cassette tape are. Or maybe it's that my children fall over laughing at that revelation.
Friday, after wrapping up what I thought was a comprehensive unit study on the Revolutionary War (which had a great focus on the Militia and the difference between them and the British forces), I snapped the book shut and asked Alex what he thought. Oh! His eyes were lighting up, he wants more information! Wait, wait, let me get over by the dry erase, this could need detailed illustrations! Alright....GO!

"When Dad was in the Marines, did he fight in the Revolutionary War?"

"Mmmhmm, yes, Alex, he did. And when he was finished fighting, he put his musket away before he rode his horse back to the cabin where Grandma was preparing the wild turkey Grandpa shot in the woods. Cooking a good meal for Daddy over the wood stove while Uncle Jeff was busy fetching water down to the creek for washing up. Okay now, is that all?"

"Nope! Can I have Pizza Rolls for lunch?"

"Heck yes."



kailani said...

Thank goodness for modern inventions!

Anonymous said...

Too funny! Good thing he didn't ask what you were doing during the war -- might not have gotten those pizza rolls!

pinkjagxj said...

Too funny!!
Hmmmm, I wonder if my mom remembers enough to tell me stories about when she sailed to America with Christopher Columbus?!?!

Anonymous said...


The following website summarizes over 500 U.S. court cases and lawsuits affecting children of Jehovah's Witness Parents, including 350 cases where the JW Parents refused to consent to life-saving blood transfusions for their dying children:


The following website summarizes nearly 500 Jehovah's Witnesses Employment related lawsuits, etc., including nearly 50 court cases in which JW Employees refused blood transfusions, and/or other involving JW Worker's Comp, medical, and disability issues:


Bubba's Sis said...

Oh, poor Prince! Gosh, I hope he's not using a walker at his next concert! That would just ruin it for me.

D and I were feeling a teensy bit old at the Matchbox Twenty concert the other night - you can read about it over at my blog. Just a teensy bit, tho. When we go see Bon Jovi we will be instantly transformed back into teenagers (maybe with the big hair and everything!).

Man, I remember that Revolutionary War - that was a booger, wasn't it? Not as bad as the Civil War, tho - but there was nothing civil about it. Times were hard then. I had to use the curtains to make myself a dress!

Mrs. C said...


Seriously, though, we find it helps to get a timeline out. The BC/AD thing is still difficult to grasp I try to do the "countdown" thing to show them how it works.

One fun thing about teaching history is about half the "occupations" are rare or nonexistant now. Try to talk about cobblers and silversmiths with your lil' guy and see what I mean.

Dawn @ Coming to a ...blahblahblahhhhhhhhh said...

Oh, don't they make ya feel all warm and fuzzy about your homeschooling decisions? LOL

Stacey said...

Lol, yes thank goodness for modern inventions--and NO WAY would he get pizza rolls if he asked to see the kettle I used to cook stew in! Nope! Sadly, we do use timelines. I'm afraid. ;)

Stacey said...

And Dawn, you KNOW it!

Angela WD said...

Ahhh, why did you have to tell me about Prince? I still see him in his purple rain suit.

This is the reason why I didn't go see REO Speedwagon when they were playing Milwaukee Summerfest a few years ago. I just couldn't take the wrinkles and gray hair.

When did we age????

Misty Dawn said...

ROFLMAO... that child is priceless!!! Mommy is still thinking he needs a step stool to reach the counters, and he is thinking that Daddy was shootin' em up in the Revolutionary War. You're family is the greatest!

My step-daughter was visiting us, and my father-in-law (her grandpa) asked her "Do you know what happened 42 years ago today?" (it was my in-law's anniversary) and my darling step-daughter replied "I don't know... a war???" and my father-in-law didn't miss a beat and said "Nope, but pretty close!"

Motherwise said...

I did not know about Prince. When I told my son he said, "Prince Who?" Time goes really fast when you're dating yourself.

Anonymous said...

I saw Prince in concert back in college, when he came out on stage, with Sheila E. I cried! I was so overwhelmed. He could MOVE. I can't believe he is getting a hip replacement, wow, I am officially starting to get old. How did this happen???????

Your son is too cute. Hey, it was almost lunch time, the brain starts shutting down when it is almost time for pizza rolls.


ConservaChick said...

WOW, That's a hard one for me to swallow too! He's a JW? Goodness, I need to get catch up on celeb gossip. See how pathetic I have become without my TV? ~K

D... said...

Prince? Hip replacement surgery? NOW I feel old.

I love love love the way Alex's mind works. Hee! KIds always do that to us, don't they?

Sharon said...

LOL! Love those questions from the kids - I remember asking my great-grandmother why she didn't save her prairie dresses for me to play dress up in. (I was a bit fascinated with Little House on the Prairie - but who wasn't?)