Mar 1, 2008

Picture Time!

I'm all out of steam, running on about 1/8 tank right now, so I'm turning to my old standby for my weekend wrap-up post. Pictures! Yes it's picture time indeed....I thought I'd recap the week that is now mercifully behind me! Knock on particle board for thinking it will be better next week, because I'm just smart enough to know not to expect that!

A bright note--Alex in effort to hasten his earnings spent part of late Wednesday evening cleaning my bathroom. It's quite an undertaking, especially my's pretty hopeless. I was so tickled to see the end result:

Just like a guy thinks--if it can all be shoved together, clearing room on the counter, then it's good! The black fabric in the foreground is actually a piece of lining that fell off one of my tops and onto the floor. The soap box is empty, but bless his heart the root lifter spray looked so good on it! Why not? Loved loved loved it!

It snowed good Tuesday (or was it Monday--I forget) and the good news is, I do believe this is the last of the snows for us. Again, knock on particle board.

This is how skewed I am when I view my little boy (who is almost 11 now)....the other day I was cleaning the basement and came across these old outdoor end tables. I was going to throw them out when I had an epiphany! Alex loves to cook...sweet little tiny baby that he is. If I stored them in the laundry room off the kitchen, he could grab them and use them for step stools when he's working with me! you see how off my view of my little baby boy is:

WHEN did he grow ten inches?

Finally many of you already know Friday mornings are deadline mornings for me. Which means if I've dawdled around too much, I'll be up all night and into the morning typing. Last night (morning) 3:30 was threatening to catch me before I finally shut off the lights. I had time to capture this at about 2:30, dark circles and all:

And here is the stack I've already completed next to my very much coveted XM radio....of course Coast to Coast AM is always on from midnight until I wake up.

I've missed checking you all out over the past few days, so I'm excited to have the evening to myself tomorrow (John's got suite tickets to arena football and is taking Jeff, Cat's husband, and his brother, Jeff).

**If you're a digi scrapper, love bold and bright and have a vacation photo you want to scrap, head over to Nicoal Goes Digi Scrapping (and never turns back) and grab I Want My Vacation (it's a freebie!). Enjoy!*

****Hurdy Gurdy, JenGi!
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Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

XM?? I'm a Sirius girl myself! Mostly the 80's channel ;-)
Hope you have a good weekend!!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of your sweet baby boy, helping mommy in the kitchen. Too funny!! That is exactly how I see my Hannah, who just turned 13. How did that happen?

D... said...

Yes, the week is behind us! Another marathon week is right in front of me tho!

Isn't it funny how we view our children? I about crawled under my covers the day I realized my daughter is as tall as I am. Yes, WHEN did that happen?


Donna said...

Cliff loves his XM radio in the shop.

I've missed you checking in!

Trinity said...

wah you work really hard! take some rest dearie!

I realized how big my Clay when Cliff was born.. he was so tiny and I was tired feeding him several times at nights... when clay was sleeping beside me, I was so surprise to see how long his legs and arms has been!

Misty Dawn said...

I always love your posts... especially the ones with photos! It's a good thing you put that stool there for that baby boy to stand on... otherwise, how would he reach the counter when he's trying to help? You're always thinking, my friend - always thinking ;-)

Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

that's too funny - yeah, I am thinking he doesn't need a step stool anymore LOL

as for the XM Radio - I WANNNNT ... of course, talk radio would be banned, but I'd be rockin the 80's! and 70's! :D