Mar 20, 2008

Just Hopping In From the Bluffs!

Just a quickie--I'm back from our Thursday nature hike (fossil day!) with Alex and the other home schoolers. This time I didn't have to hike with them like a fool (last week I was the only one trudging through the woods with the little kiddies...well there was an older goth brother, but I didn't feel any better for it). Alex is terribly shy so he was terrified at the thought of being left alone with a group of 'strangers'. So...this time we talked him into allowing me to follow the bus to the limestone bluff and sit in the car. I'm not sure I felt any less stupid sitting alone in my car alongside a busy highway, but I did get caught up on my MiracleWord reading. I had gotten soo far behind and I know I'm supposed to restart, but I didn't want to miss anything. I'm nearly where I should be today, thanks to limestone bluffs and fossils.

I probably won't post for a few days. I'm headed over to church to help fold bulletins and pick Cody up from his youth trip. Then home again to type type type! Yay, I have the most fun, I know.

Then.....I'm figuring out what we'll do for Easter. I didn't realize the pool would be open on Easter and didn't dream Subway would be either. So I didn't remind Niki and Cody to take that day off. We'll have a few hours after church, so I think it sounds as if we'll be going out to eat! I'm fine with that, lol. Afterwards, John and I plan to take Alex to see Horton Hears a Who. Not gonna lie, I'm kind of pumped up for it!

What are your Easter plans? I'd love to hear them! In the meantime, if you want to grab the Easter pages, head over to Nicoal Goes Digi Scrapping and grab this kit. It's free, no worries, I know my blog friends are cheapies. ;) I made six papers, a crown, nail and cross. And if you're looking for some bright Easter eggs and colors, Kim has a bunch of beautiful things. I can only hope to have this talent one day, she's good! Happy scrapping (if you scrap) and I hope your Easter weekend is a blessed weekend filled with hope.


Terence Chang said...

wow ... You are very busy mom.

I just got a 100% pure chocolate bar from WholeFood. I am not going to eat the Easter egg chocolate after seeing your other funny post.

I will bite on my chocolate bar and read your blog ... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Have a blessed and Happy Easter. I hope that Easter Bunny is good to you too. Very good, especially with chocolate.

Curiosity Killer said...

Happy Easter!

Mrs. C said...

He is Risen! Let's celebrate! Happy Easter!

Home Theater said...

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D... said...

Happy Easter, Stacey! I love this time of year for exactly what you wrote, the blessings and the hope. It's an awe-inspiring time, to be sure. Love it!

I hear Horton Hears a Who is really good. Let me know if you agree!

Enjoy your Easter with YOUR blessings, no matter how much time ya'll have together and what ya'll do.

Ms. Can't Be Wrong said...

Eating out is fantastic! No mess to clean up!

Horton is WONDERFUL! We caught it last weekend and I was very impressed.

We'll have a little time with family tomorrow. Church bright and early Sunday morning and then we hit the road for a week of vacationing in San Antonio!!!!

Have a wonderful day celebrating our risen Savior!!!

Bubba's Sis said...

Happy Easter, my friend! xxxooo

We'll be celebrating both Easter AND Daughter's 14th birthday with the whole fam-damily this weekend!

Jenny 865-53oh9 said...

Happy Easter you....I'll still be around here as J's aunt and uncle are still here. My office is officially up and running. The first thing I did was sit down to play with my photoshop and something's wrong with it!!!!

Misty Dawn said...

I wanna go see Horton Hears a Who!!! I wanna gooooooooo! My husband is a funsucker and looks at me like I've lost my mind when I say I want to see it. Stacey, what time should I be there so I can go with you? hmmmmm?

kailani said...

Hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter celebration!