Mar 21, 2008

I Can't Not Post THIS

OHHHHHHHHH nevermind I almost forgot! I have to put up one more post, because it's my childhood best friend's birthday today! Join the 40's club, Tracy. (she finally got internet, so she can see this, hooray!)


**edited to include 'our song'

(Tracy is the second from the right on the front row and I'm the fool next to her with the wad of bubblegum in my face.)


Terence Chang said...

You two look sweet and cute!

Nice memories!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tracy! I remember that picture, you posted it before, in your Dorthy Hamill haircuts. What a gift to have a friendship, that lasts so long, and is so special.

D... said...

Happy Birthday to Tracy (a day late)! She has the same birthday as my sister.

What a blessing to have such an enduring friendship. I pray the same for my daughter and her BFF.

Stacey said...

Thank you, Terence, but we weren't terribly sweet at that age, always doing something we shouldn't (usually my idea, sorry Trace)

Eileen, thanks, she is a gift to me.

D, I do know as well as anyone that friendship brings so much wealth into our lives.

Jenny 865-53oh9 said...

Happy 4-0, Tracy!!!! What a blessing it would be to have Stacey as a friend for as many years as you have...

Misty Dawn said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tracy (even if I'm late - sorry bout that).

Funny Stacey, one of my best buds growing up was named Traci!

Mrs. C said...

Happy Birthday!

Wendy said...

You're such a loyal friend, Stacey, and I love the pics. I hope Tracy had an excellent birthday, and you all had a joyful Easter Sunday. :)