Feb 17, 2008

Pay Per Post--What's Your Opinion?

I've done a few posts for pay over the past few months, but haven't really done much with them. I've been thinking about the pros and cons of adding these to my blog from time to time and I've decided to give a few paid posts a week a try. I'm going with Pay Per Post because I scanned the open list of job opportunities and I honestly believe I could write a review about some of these opps and be excited about them. If I were asked to write a review about saltwater bowling attire, my heart wouldn't be into it! But when I write about things I honestly use or honestly would use, then I don't have a problem doing it. It would be kind of nice to get paid to blog .

My goal here isn't to make money off this blog, this is my personal blog and personal it will always stay. I believe I can find two to four very cool opportunites a week to talk about and maintain my integrity. I think most of you know I do data entry from home, which is a very cool thing for a stay-home mom to be able to do. Recently the pay for some of the work I've been keying for years has been cut, and while the pay is still pretty good, I think this might be a good time to start thinking about moving on. I'm not sure what yet, maybe even just taking a leap and NOT working for now, picking up something in the summertime. It's been a struggle this year to maintain the home, teach Alex by day and key at night.

My thinking is geared towards a little here and a little there but nothing that takes all my time in the evening, and nothing that eats up my weekends like this job does. So...there you have it. If this Pay Per Post thing works, great! If not, then I won't continue with it. Let me know what you think about it, I honestly want your thoughts.


Terence Chang said...


First of all! Sorry for this long comment that took me an hour to put together.

Stay away from PPP (Payperpost.com), since they are on Google DISLIKE list. There are other paid review services or article writing services you can choose from. Read their guidelines. Many of them require you to use DOFOLLOW, which potentially hurts your credibility from the Google Page Ranking stand points.

I hope it's not too much tech talk.

To be honest, no one care about you making $ off your web site or not. However, people will care, when you make good money off your blogs, because there is too many people looking for ways to do that.

The reality is this. You should monetize your blog regardless you like it or not, but don’t let money drive you away from doing what you like.

When you start monetizing your blogs, you will end up questioning yourself about your goal. Make more money or just for fun. Most people will end up chasing more green, because it's so easy to get start.

When you see green coming, you want more. It looks so easy. However, it gets frustrated, when you want to make more off your blog. The question is how much is enough?

Personally, I think you deserve making profit on your blog regardless you want it or not. Look at my blogs. I have spent time to monetize my blogs, but I set it and forget it. I still write what I like to write on my blog, while making some green. I was so care about how much money I can make off my blog and I ended up making nothing. When I forget it and just let it runs, I see green coming in.

The point is this. Traffic to your web is the golden keys to your Internet success regardless what you are doing with your web site. Once you have this golden key, you can decide which door to open. Happiness, Fortune or both. If you don’t have good traffic to your blog, you don’t usually get good price on paid reviews. So you need to build up traffic.

Now let’s talk about how you can do whatever you like and still make some green.

Like I said earlier, forget about making little money or a lot of money. You need something unique called NICHE! Regardless what you will be writing, what you love to write, you need to focus on something unique that people are looking for.

My personal blog is the worst example on making money, because it’s too personal with no NICHE. So I don’t make green from that one.

One thing I don't want to see changed on you blog is your big smile and the passion about your sister, family and happiness. Regardless what you will be writing, you are still my number 1 blogger. Keep it up!

Donna said...

I recognize those pay-per-post entries on various blogs, and simply don't read those particular entries. If it's a blog I enjoy, though, I still read the blog. Just not the PPP entries.

Stacey said...

Donna, thanks, I appreciate that thought and I, like you, do recognize a paid post, not matter how talented the writer is.

Terence, okay, you've given me much to think about here. Don't apologize for the long post, because I think I get what you're saying here. And I think like you said, I need that niche, and this is not a 'niche' blog. I'm going back to the drawing board to find my niche, then I'm going to ask you to help me get started from there. You've been a great help to me, and I do believe I need to keep JameeForever about the things that Jamee would really want to read about. My life, the life of my family, my friends.

Mrs. C said...

I'd be really, really careful about going down this path... Like Terence said, how much is enough?

I'm thinking offhand of one blog I really enjoyed. I'd look at it every day and it was so interesting. Then the paid posts started, and they weren't that different from the others. I felt a bit gypped to read a post and get to the BOTTOM to find it's a paid one. So, I'd think, she didn't blog this because it's important or she cares about it... it's about the money and she's using people like ME clicking on her blog to make the money...

When she started posting about how she needs people to get their friends to click in each day so she can get more traffic and pay for her childrens' preschool, I stopped reading it and have not been back since.

I suppose it can be done and the integrity of the blog kept, but even the ads in the corner can really cut your credibility. I'm thinking of one quiverfull mom who had an ad for BIRTH CONTROL on her blog.

Now, think what you want about birth control, but if you're quiverfull and you have an ad for birth control, you have a problem on your hands LOL!

Anyway, that's my five cents.

Hey, I want to read about how John is doing. How is everything? :] Can't pay ya for the post, though.

Misty Dawn said...

Stacey, I will support you, be your friend, and visit your blog every time I see a new post, regardless of what you decide about doing paid posts.

Yes, I do paid posts, and I realize that some people don't like them. There are mixed feelings about monetizing your blog. I guess it's a personal decision that no one can make for you.

Here's the funny thing - when I was in high school, when I was focused on college (before getting married and divorced), I planned on going into advertising. I wanted to be able to utilize my creativity, writing and photography. So, I'm doing that on my blog.

You do what's best for you. You aren't going to change who you are - and that's why we love your blog... because we love the person you are!

Jim & Jami said...

OMG! I love your new header and layout! I was just trying to figure out how to make your old header a clickable button on my site to link to your site.....like you had for deck the blogs at Christmas time.....e-mail me and tell me how you did that! tootles,J-

kailani said...

I don't mind a paid post here and there but I know a few bloggers who's blog has been completely taken over by ads. Sad to say, I don't read them anymore.

Anonymous said...

Go for the paid post Stacey. You can always try it and it you don't like how it is working out, start another blog, target a different group of people (although we'd follow you), with a different, secret name. This is what so many of the bloggers do. I personally think you could pull it off here,cause you could write about a rock in the driveway and make it funny, interesting and make me want to get one. If it helps you out a bit, I say GO FOR IT. If your write, we will come.

Shana said...

I'm with Donna. I just scroll right over PPP post. But I would still check you out everyday.... :o)

Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

I joined PPP last year and used my old blog to blog for PPP. PPP didn't care how many people came to my blog or if anyone read it - I got paid after 30 days of the thing being on there - the ONLY problem I really had with them was that it would sometimes take 2-3 weeks for them to even bother reading the post - and then if they didn't like it, and I had to edit it, then they'd have to check ti AGAIN - and THEN wait a month to get paid. But I made enough to at least pay for my blog hosting, etc. to make it worth it for *me*.

Like alot of your other commenters, if I recognize that it's a canned PPP or any other kind of paid thing, I generally will just pass over it - unless like some bloggers who go WAY overboard with them, then I stop even showing up.

You, however, know how to balance things very well, so I have no doubt that you'll do great with it - and I look forward to seeing your take on the various things :) But if you start talking about garage flooring, I might have to giggle a bit :D

Love ya lady!

Trinity said...

Go for it Stacey... as long as we can have good non paid posts, we won't loose our readers..anyway, I am glad if you can make some money from this great blogging hobby..

Don't worry about PR, for me, paid post opportunities are blessings from God. If there's some I will take..but if there's none, I still can enjoy writing my blog anyway.. :-)

I will always be your friend, with or without paidposts.. whatever..