Feb 17, 2008

Smile....You Made My Day!

New Wishful thinking Spring blog is under construction, please overlook the colors that don't go together anywhere but in Elton John's wardrobe....I'll get it fixed sooner than later!

I wanted to start the week off telling you about a new blog my old friend Terence is hosting. Remember Terence? He was the generous benefactor of the Contest Hotel Christmas decorating contest, with jewelery from his jewelry store. Because Terence is a sucker for a big smile and a happy story, he's decided to put together a blog dedicated to putting a smile on his friends' faces (and no doubt his own in the process!). I went over to check it out--I defy any of you to go over there and come back without a smile on your face.

There's just something about being exposed to positive things, positive people, positive thoughts, that changes my day around. I'll admit I was having a cruddy day (it's snowing and cold, I have a lot of work to do yet, blah blah blah) and went over to look at today's shot and came back here feeling blessed. This little boy has a smile that will make your soul sing and a story that will make your heart long to take him home with you. But despite his circumstances, he smiles. Over and over again.

My favorite post to date is the one labeled sweet smile. Terence has been in Taiwan for quite a few weeks now and won't return for nearly a month. He's got a beautiful wife who had to stay behind with her work this time--and he misses her terribly. Just knowing Terence's story, I can understand why....they travel together often. They planned their life carefully around their shared dream of travelling and experiencing the world, and together they're achieving their goals. I have to admit, I envy that careful planning sometimes. Although I know this is God's plan for my life right now, sometimes I think travelling and freedom don't sound all bad.

I happen to know Terence is seeking smiles to post on his blog--so if you want to show off your smile, your child's smile, whatever, let him know so he can post it!

**PS--this was NOT a paid post, lol. No need to tell me not to anymore, I already mentioned I'm throwing that idea out the window. This is an ad-free blog.


Donna said...

Wow! You've been doing some remodeling here. Nice!

Mrs. C said...

You and Jamee are so pretty. Waah! I see pics like these and miss her even though I didn't know her LOL!!

D... said...

I adore that pic of you & Jamee. Where was it taken? And your header looks fab!

D... said...

P.S. I forgot to mention that I hope the next month apart go quickly for Terence & his wife. I know how lonely it can get while you are living separate lives.

Terence Chang said...


Thank you for mention my new happiness project. I am sorry that I accidentally delete your trackback.

I will keep doing it. Just hope to see your story soon. ;-)

Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

The link to his jewelry store doesn't work :((((

I did go over and see the smiles, though - but I was left with a question that I left on his blog, that of copyright and permissions :)

Thanks for sharing though - as always :)