Feb 5, 2008

Driving in Driving Rain

Happy Super Tuesday! I'm off to vote then snag some groceries before part two of the storm comes in, the part that turns to sleet then snow. Because that's what moms do--we stock up as if we'll be shut in for a week, even though we full well know the roads will be plowed by midnight tonight. Is Winter about done? Because It's getting a little old here.

Today was another one of my 'drive' days. Deadline for typing that has to be run in. So I hit the ground running this morning, finishing up that last 100 (so relax ladies in Nebraska, your JoAnn coupons WILL be in the mail soon). Then I jumped in for a speed-shower (that's indicated legs weren't shaved today), got Alex his breakfast and headed out to make rounds. It takes me over two hours to do all the pickups, run it to Kansas then drop off the work to start all over again. It's the exciting life I lead as a Data Entry Queen, but try not to be jealous.

For some reason, these past few drive dates have been horrible weather-wise. Last week a storm was coming through--the wind was extreme and the air was frigid! I was thankful I got home before the roads got sloshy, but I'm sure it took twice as much gasoline to drive upstream. Today--rain.

It's not just any rain, it was a driving rain. Whatever that means. I mean, I can't see much to make it worth driving in, so I'm not sure that name really works. It's not walking rain either, I tried that today too. The wind whipped the hood off my head and soaked my hair before I could get back into my car. My arms were loaded with pickup work, so I couldn't grab it and pull it back. Cross good hair day off list.

I usually make myself a protein smoothie before I head out and sip on it all the way there. My favorite are the GNC orange whey powder smoothies--they taste a lot like an Orange Juilus. On my way to Kansas, just as the rain really started...driving....I was in the far left passing lane on a busy interstate, listening to "I Want My MTV" when I decided I needed both hands. So I put my smoothie into its cupholder. Not. What I did was put my smoothie down near the cup holder, it promptly tipped over, the cup and all its contents, including the straw, landed in a giant orange glob at my feet, taking a favorite CD with it. After running down my right leg to get to the floor, giving my jeans a refreshing citrus scent. This is where my superhero driving skill kicked into gear--I managed not to lose control of the car OR my language. I reached down, scooped up my cup, downed the last 1/4 inch that was left and told my mind to make like I was full. I didn't swerve into anyone's lane, either. I felt a little like a Pony Express driver today--the work MUST get delivered. Neither rain nor sleet nor snow.

It's not shaping up to be my favorite day of the year. So far.


Angela WD said...

Ughhhh! I hate when that happens. But that smoothie sounds delish. I am going to have to check that out.

Um, I mean I'll have to check out my own orange whey smoothie, not the one on you. Just wanted to be clear about that.

D... said...

Bless your heart, Stacey. It sounds like it was a no good rotten horrible day. I hope it improved once you got home. But, um, you shave your legs in the winter? ;)

Orange Julius = YUM! I haven't had one in way too many years.

Misty Dawn said...

You should probably patent that citrus jean scent... cuz everyone is going to want it now so they can be cool like Stacey. Just sayin'

Shave legs? ohhhhhh you mean the Yeti look isn't sexy? darnit I thought I was furry and hot - been hangin' round the dogs too long, I guess. Did you see my new dog... umm, I mean the stray dog?

Bubba's Sis said...

Stacey, you handled the situation like the Queen that you are! I SO would have lost control of my language. But not the car. I have superhero driving skills, too.

Seriously. You shave your legs in the winter?? Really?!??

Cat said...

I can just see you driving down the road while handling all that. Girl.. you rock at how cool and collected you were.

mmmm I want to try a smoothie like that sometime.

Love you girl!

kailani said...

That's some pretty fancy driving skills!

Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

Oh, that so bites! I have done that before with my iced coffee and also one of those overpriced coolattas! At least yours smelled good LOL Sorry for such a yucky day, but knowing you, you smiled all the way!