Feb 4, 2008

What're You Doing Tuesday?

*And Across The Universe, I Hope You Hear Back Today, NASA!


tegdirb92 said...


Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

Well, the guy *I* was gonna vote for wimped out last week so now I'm back to being undecided - of course, I have another 8-1/2 months to come up with something else LOL

D... said...

Clever clip art! Did you make it?

Trinity said...

cooool!!! and handsome too! :-)

Stacey, I tagged you http://www.ruangsudut.info/2008/02/friendship-meme.html

easy but sweet..:-)

pinkjagxj said...

I absolutely love this photo!!
I'm so sad Mitt suspended his campaign but...he suspended it and that gives me hope. A little late however now the media has decided to really let info out of the bag on the other candidates so perhaps people will see that Mitt is the man with integrity and the man that can represent America without any baggage. Oh, did I ramble? Sorry! :)