Feb 14, 2008

Cut It!

Tomorrow is haircut day. Big deal, you might say. Well it kinda is. I don't have my hair cut professionaly often. Only when I'm getting quite frustrated with my hair, when it just won't do anything. If it's just a little out of line, I pick up my scissors a snip snap and tah dah!
I have been known to have my hair cut when I'm super depressed, though. You probably won't ever see the pictures of me when Cody was a baby. I'd gained a lot of weight and didn't have many clothes or much money with which to purchase new clothes that fit. One night I just up and left the house with below-the-shoulder hair and returned with boy hair. Shorter than John's, I tell you. And I had these whispy little sideburns, too. Back then I took myself very seriously--and uh oh, this was.not.okay.

I'm not sure why I did it, but I recall sitting in that chair as if it were yesterday. I told the gal "Oh, just do whatever you think will look good." OH my gosh--who SAYS this? What the......why? If I ever run into the me from back then, I think I'll *&%#$ slap her. She'd deserve it and more for uttering the most idiodic thing a woman with self-esteem issues ( Believe it or not, I had 'issues' another lifetime ago. Big time.) could possibly utter to a hairdresser. So, you already know the end. Boy cut. I think I mentioned I've inherited my daddy's basket-ball sized head with lips that would rival anything you could do with a needle and a vial of botox. Take away my hair and I'm kind of a dead ringer for Ed Asner meets white Oprah.

However! my hairdresser of these past few years has been near and dear to me--my beautiful niece Angie. I feel fearless with her behind my pump-up-chair (I still won't say 'yeah, yeah, whatever, do whatever!'). I was contemplating emulating her new cut--a beautiful shoulder length bob. But then I got to thinking--I'm 40. I don't know how much longer I can pull off longer hair before I hear I look a lot like Tyne Daly.

I'm keeping the length, going for some style and thinking on that bob for a few months. I had Alex take a photo of the back of my hair; clearly it needs something done with it. I'll let you know what we do. And yes yes yes, I think I've mentioned it before, but just in case---I'm fully aware that a meadow of mauve and other obnoxiously-coloured flowers puked all over my bathroom walls. We keep meaning to tear that paper down, and you'd think after three years I'd have done it already. I guess it doesn't embarrass me enough, idk.

Alex and I went to Spiderwick Chronicles today--very cute movie. However, the little boy said H$#& once and exclaimed "Oh my G" constantly. I don't believe the creativity of the movie would have been compromised one bit if they'd simply left that out. We finished hair pics and took ape pics before leaving.......I think Alex is quite good at this!

**Oh yeah, Thank you Mist for reminding me--Cody's interview went very very well. He'll get certified in a few weeks and he'll officially be a lifeguard boyyy. He's quite excited, dreaming about handing over the cash he sooo owes uswhat he'll do with his paychecks.


Misty Dawn said...

Oh yeah - Alex is totally AWESOME at the ape pics!!!

You'll be gorgeous no matter how your hair is cut... heck, you'd be gorgeous without hair!!!! (just my honest opinion)

Jim & Jami said...

You are sooooo funny, I have said those words to a hair stylist before, came out with HOT PINK hair!

D... said...

I can't wait to see your new 'do. It'll look great! And, if it doesn't, which it WILL, the great thing about hair is that it grows. ;)

Congrats to Cody! How exciting for him!!

Bear wants to see Spiderwyck too. He's read the first 3 books but wants to read the last 2 before seeing the movie. I agree with you about the language, especially in kids' movies. To me, I certainly don't need it to feel the emotion, creativity, or the coolness factor. Sometimes, it's even distracting to me. Maybe it's just me tho.

Trinity said...

hahaha... nice pose of you and Alex.. hahaha... How are you my dear friend? have a little time to come over my humble valentine celebration? I have something for you there!

Marie said...

I said that to a stylist once. I already had very short hair, but I left the salon with Kool-Aid orange hair sticking out in spikes all over.

Ms. Can't Be Wrong said...

You should really give more props to your lips. Angelina has lips and they got her Brad Pitt. Not necessarily a bad thing.
We won't discuss anything before him. That's just gross.

I'm sure your hair will look amazing. Enjoy the "pamper" time in the chair.


Jim & Jami said...

I think that Marie and I had the same hair stylist in the past.....LOL!

Bubba's Sis said...

I have had boy-short hair, too. I thought I was cute. Now I see pics and I think...hmmm...notsomuch.

Can't wait to see pics of your new do! Love ya girl!

Angela WD said...

So, how does it look??