Jan 8, 2008

Sand Art And Border Control, Of Course!

Okay okay before y'all have me sitting in a jar (Bubba's Sis, see what you started?!) I'd better repost. And for the record, they were sand art jars we'll be making. We're in the business of making sand art jars! Not in the sand art jars! But may I take a moment and say I love all of you who would put me in a jar and keep me on your mantles. Now that's friendship.

Speaking of sand art....I've been listening to a lot of the campaign issues over the past several days, both on the television and on the radio. Awhile back I'd decided to support Romney then I pulled away when I realized I didn't know as much as I needed to. Today I've decided I'm definitely supporting Romney. Here are my top 10 Romney Reasons:

1) Border Control
2) Control Fronterizo
3) Border Control
4) Control Fronterizo
5) Border Control
6) Control Fronterizo
7) Looks Like Ken
8) Border Control
9) Control Fronerizo
10) Border Control

So there you have it. I won't bore you silly with too much explanation--but it's on my mind. Say you're born into a family with money...lots and lots of money. Lucky you! And say I wasn't. Hmmm...well no matter. I'm going to declare myself your sister, you'll just have to share no matter what! And I don't care much what havoc it wreaks onto your family, it's my right. I'd much rather move in with you than go to work at helping to build my family up with education and changing the direction we're going in.

It's not okay, what's happening. I don't think the Bush Administration is doing a good job here, either--I can't defend that. And because I feel strongly about protecting our borders doesn't make me insensitive or less compassionate, it's just how I feel.

So....Mitt Romney. For sure. I'm pretty sure.


Terence Chang said...

WOW .. that's serious talk ..

I don't always read those signs and I saw KKK. :-(

Mrs. C said...

Interesting little "Mexican" sign alluding to the Mexican War. Probably the *only* ONLY ONLY sign I've ever seen on that side of the issue that even had a modicum of intelligence to it.

I still disagree with them, though, because the Mexicans got their butts kicked and it's our land now by treaty and by right.

Politically, I dislike Romney, but not as much as Giuliani. I dislike Huckabee, but not as much as Romney. I dislike Paul, but not as much as Huckabee. It's a shame that I have to base my vote on the candidate I dislike least politically.

Marie said...

What's a Fronterizo?

I like Romney's hair. I could never vote for McCain on account of his hair alone.

Ms. Can't Be Wrong said...

#7 could possibly be the most sound political reasoning I've ever heard! :)

ConservaChick said...

A girl after my own heart! Political that is. I can't stand Romney, but the fact you are taking the time... makes me think you are one cool gal! Oh and I DO like Romney more than Hillary or Obama, so we MIGHT be in agreement before too long! ~K

Misty Dawn said...

I agree with you about border control. I'm not a very political person, but that is one thing I feel strongly about.

D... said...

#7 is how I base all my votes. ;)

Wowza on the sign.

D... said...

P.S. How did you get your trophy case to do a slideshow? That's pretty impressive.

H.N. Eisley said...

Coming from "An Island Life" where you "Auditioned"

your #7 is hilarious... ;)

Go Mitt! Anyone but Billary!

pinkjagxj said...

Daaarling, your audition was faaaabulous!
You made me rock to the beat and want to get up and dance!
I especially loved your jumps. You got air girl! Good job!!!

I am totally for Mitt and have been from the start.


Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

Actually, Rudy's stand (ok, at least the one i hear about in his ads) say what he'd do about illegals and borders and what not actually made me want to vote for him. imagine! me! a firmly based independant type of person voter - considering a *gasp* republican. i missed primary day here in new hampshire so i guess i have some more time to come up with who i want to vote for - but i do agree that border control is a major issue - or should be at least. especially considering i live an hour from the canadian border. ;)

Bubba's Sis said...

Her homeland? Seriously? Did that woman forget about San Jacinto, where Sam Houston kicked Santa Anna's Mexican buttinski? Puh-leez. If you want to be here so badly, why not do it legally? I just don't get it. Not at all.

But anyone that looks like Ken MUST make a good Pres!