Nov 13, 2007

Live Simply, Simply Live, Give Simply, Simply Give....The Shirts Are Going Outttt

Oi! (Stole that from you, GiGi, is that okay?)....Ethan, Youth Pastor at our church just emailed me and asked how many shirts I wanted to order and I realize...I didn't follow up on this! I'm fixin to get these addresses to all who indicated they wanted to play along with The T-Shirt Post. I'll be emailing you today or tomorrow for those addresses. Then no reason I won't have time on Friday to get those going, and I cannot WAIT to see the blog posts!

I have, however, been giving the living simply phrase a great deal of thought. Is this living simply, or is it living....simply?

My inclination was living simply, learning to do without the 'things' I have grown accustomed to, so that's where I'll take this (some things, such as Tab, I didn't get to choose! WHERE IS TAB?????). Yet there are things I am willing to do without so that I put myself in a position to help my friends in the nursing home as well as the two kids we have sponsored through Compassion. I am turning more and more to the store brands, because while I scoff at saving $.50 on a bottle of "Meinz" ketchup, if I did that just ten times through my shopping trip, that'd be $5.00. Five bucks per week would be $20 plus a month. My little guy, Gervasio, could purchase something useful in Kenya for that. The trick will be to dedicate that savings to them, write it down after each trip and save it.

I've got other convictions. I don't need to go to lunch with friends each week, I've save tons there. I don't go often anymore. And when I do lunch, I don't need to be the hero and pay for everyone (I do that often, I think it's insecurity on my part--they shouldn't pay to be with me, I should!). I am beginning to look at my life, see how discipline has been as absent as a man at a bunco party.

Even more important, I need to tithe more and on a regular basis. Put that money in the basket FIRST, then everything else will follow....or not. Maybe I do without for a few weeks. That scares me, I am struggling with that. But over the years, I've come a long way in my thinking about money, about life emphasis. And I trust my church to know best where to put that money--there are people helped in ways I'll never hear about. But I know if I need them, they'll be there, and my friends who put money in that week won't know about it either. I guess that's my goal for the remainder of this year and the year coming up.

So...the confessions are out on the table, you see I have been and still am selfish with my worldly possessions. I'm going to send out the shirts along with a Sharpie....first to the North, going to Coffee Mom in Canada, and the Southern one starting with D in Texas.....and they'll keep the chain going (I'll put in the addresses of the next in line) and perhaps add some friends of their own to that list.

If you want to OWN one of these shirts, the proceeds go to charity...they cost $10 plus a few bucks shipping (I'll pick up the handling, lol). Ethan knows the little girl who designed it and prints them. Let me know, give me the size you want (XL is quite large) and I'll see that you get one ordered. I plan on making these shirts part of my Christmas shopping, it really is a nice little shirt, good quality, the black and white is simple, goes with any pair of jeans you'll find in any given consignment shop!


Girl Gone Wild - BibleStyle said...

Way Cool, Gidge!

I think you might like the chick with the hilarious comment cause she has a HUGE blue 'tini as her header.

Just stopped by that site again to get the above blog name and that "Sarah" guy (!) is still going at it!

Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

you know, you just keep surprising me with your love & compassion for others, truly.

Marie said...

I really like the shirts, I just may have to get one of my own. Do they come in XS?

Sharon said...

Ah Stacey - what a gift you have. You obviously have a big heart and ooze compassion and love and that's just through your writing! I can only imagine how much that comes across face-to-face.

BTW, about five years ago we began to write the tithe check as our first check after payday and whatever was left we lived one. Believe me, we had weeks when money was really, really tight and I was tempted to not do hubby was much more trusting than I...but you know what? We did it anyway, and although we had a few times that we didn't eat as well as we would have liked to, we've never gone hungry and we've never not been able to pay a bill.

Back to the tee shirts - I can hardly wait until it makes it to me! In the meantime, I want to order two ... one M and one L

Misty Dawn said...

I Love the shirt and the saying and I love what you are doing here Stacey. You are so special, my friend.

D... said...

I can't wait for my turn with the shirt & sharpie! Your adopted children and father/grandfather are so incredibly blessed to have you in their lives. You were absolutely chosen for them for a reason.

I do want to order a shirt for myself as well. Money for charity and a cool shirt for me. Can't go wrong with that. :D

karen said...

Love your thoughts on living simply! I keep coming back this year to living "intentionally" and it takes thought and planning to make the moments of life count. I like the grocery store idea. That is really "intentional".

Tom and I have had to really start scaling back since I am at home now. We also try to always write out the tithe check first - it's all God's anyways. He blesses us sooo much that the least we can seem to do is give some back. It is always extra tight at this household, but we always have what we need, when we need it.

Bless His Name!

Anonymous said...

Count me in for 2, size xl. Just tell me where to send the money to. I think they are great and what a beautiful message!

Cheryl said...

Living simply--great thoughts on this topic. Good for you for putting your life focus on what really matters. God will bless your sacrifices and your compassion. You go, girl! xoxo

baby advice said...

very nice shirt!!

Bubba's Sis said...

I want one for me, too - Size S, please. Can't wait to get the pass-around one (altho I thought *I* was getting it before D!). You are awesome, Stacey-Girl!