Nov 11, 2007

Green Week In Retrospect

My heart is gladdened to know 2008 Presidential candidates have gotten involved with the Green Week awareness project (Matt, shut offfff the bright lights, silly, the glaciers are melting. 500000 watts of Matt-lumins will do that!) I don't know where I stand on the issue to be honest, I'm the first to concede I haven't got a clear grasp on that yet. However, this week I was touched by Senator Clinton's green outreach program:

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Trinity said...

hahaha.. she really changes a lot!! Especially Mr. Clinton.. the older he is the more handsome he becomes? :-D

Girl Gone Wild - BibleStyle said...

Dude! Talk about a mop-top! Considering the money they have and the fashion people they know, you'd think SOMEBODY would help them!

Marie said...

Somehow I missed this before. I didn't realize who that was in the first picture at first. Wow is she aging ungracefully or what!