Nov 23, 2007

Awards Night....Have Your Translator Stand By!

It's here, it's here, awards night! If you're reading this, hope you have your smile pasted on and your hands ready to clap daintily as you applaud at my acceptance speeches. I'm here to entertain you, so with each award, I will thank my friend behind the award in a foreign language. Ready? Okay!

This came in an email! Yessiree, my beauuuutiful friend Dawn gave this to me and I'm going to hang it next to my typing and shorthand medals. I really do have typing and shorthand medals. Don't MAKE me get them out and photograph them. ¡Gracias Alba, usted es hermoso!

The Medal of Awesomeness

Y ahora paso este premio en:

Gigi at Girl Gone Wild, cuz she's the awesomest girl I ever knew!

Bridget at And Miles To Go...., cuz she's the awesomest girl I ever knew!

Misty, another friend here in the Show Me State (that's MO) (MO is Missouri), sent this my way:

The explaination (do you really need one?) is as follows:

" This award seems like a natural given what my site is all about. This award is based on positive thinking and is meant for those blogs who base their existence, in part or in whole, on Positive Winning Attitudes."

Merci Brumeux, vous faites écrire blog l'amusement ! Nous rencontrerons en haut à HyVee un jour et avons un grand temps !

Je passe maintenant ceci le long d'à :

Kailani at An Island Life simply because I go away from her blog feeling lifted and energized.

D over at USO Girl because she entertained her brother all this time through her blog and even let me be her friend...and now he's on his way home from serving his country. Well done, D!

Then Trinity made a new award, she worked very very hard on this award and I am quite happy she chose to pass it over here to me. Trinity is a beautiful soul inside and out, get to know her and you've got a friend for life.
*Trinity just reminded me I didn't put this description uppp...sorry girl, here it is:
Dolphins are blue, so true blue, calm in the storm,they never sleep, so ever-present, they're friendly, so amicable,accountable, dependable, and protective.This award is presented for bloggers who always stand by you!


Dawn at Coming to a Nursery Near You because pretty sure no matter what, she's got my back. Sometimes you just know these things.

B/S at Bubba's Sis because she keeps coming by even when I'm certain she thinks I'm weird. And I go back there even if she does rub in the whole Disney thing. A lot. Too much, B/S. Old. News. K?

So Bridget at And Miles To Go... posts this one and Bridget, not gonna lie, this award is about the cutest thing evah! And hope you don't mind, but I quoted you down there after the puppies to explain what this mean (she said bull &%$@ and I've always wanted to type that here--so technically I didn't, she did!)

Ringrazia Bridget, l'adoro e ciò è nessuna merda di toro!

There is something very special and unique about blogging friendships. In “real” life we all have to first get by the physical and superficial aspects of each other before we can get into who we are, really. In “real” life there is so much bull shit that we have to put up with, that sometimes developing true friends becomes very difficult. I feel that with blogging friendships there are no superficial aspects to it; the barriers do not exist. We open up in our writings as to who we really are. We bare ourselves and say “this is me.” For many of us this is the only way that we can truly express ourselves, our opinions, our strengths and our fears. I have also discovered a level of INTEGRITY amongst bloggers that I have not found in “real” life.

Ed adesso passo questo sopra:

No question Misty needs this, she and dog pictures just go hand in hand! Misty, you're definitely for real, and you aren't afraid to express what Bridget said, your strengths, your fears, whatever! Thanks my friend.

Then there's Shana at My Three Wisemans...she drew me into her life with her pointed story about triumph over trials and I appreciated her candor and her positive spirit.

Hold on, one more, one more...this one from Misty at Dreams of Border Collies (you get a lot of awards, don't you Mist!). Vielen Dank Dunstige Morgendämmerung!

I think all of you on my linkies are my best blogging buddies, I'm hoping you read this far and take this award up, because I truly mean that.

So gehe ich an dieser Auszeichnung auf alle yall vorbei!

I have a tag to do, but I'll wait another day.

*Don't hate me because I'm multi-lingual. I'm just like everyone else. Really. I'm not special, just because I know every language known to man...and stuff.

Plenty o Time to Deck Your Blog....But HURRY!! We wanna see them!


tegdirb92 said...

oh my goodness that you so much--what an honor!! I love your creative way of awarding too--I couldn't write foreign language to save my life! I'll be blogging about this tomorrow (past midnight here). You're the bestest.

Trinity said...

Stacey congratulations for the awards! Clap...clap...clap... *standing applause* and you are very creative in presenting your awards!! Hey where is the beautiful True Blue award definition? Guys, Stacey and Gigi help me with this:

Dolphins are blue, so true blue, calm in the storm,
they never sleep, so ever-present, they're friendly, so amicable,
accountable, dependable, and protective.
This award is presented for bloggers who always stand by you!

Trinity said...

Stacey, what do you want to say instead of ???? hehehe.. I will translate your English into Bahasa..

Stacey said...

Bridget, you're the bestest! And I did NOT write them myself, I have to admit, if you click on the link about the languages down the road, it'll take you to But I WAS savvy enough to find that! That's worth something, Right?

Trinity, I'm sorry I left that out, it's there now. xoxo

Misty Dawn said...

Oh you think you're 'all that' don't you??? OK, OK you are - I admit it!

Thanks for the award my very special friend. Even more, thank you for the very special things you said about lil' ol' me! I'm still trying to figure out why everyone associates me with dogs? Hmmmm, no clue.

I'm picking this award up while I sit here and watch Mizzou kicking some booty all over the football field!

Shana said...

What a great award! Thank-You!!! I do love my blogging friends and you are on the top of that list! :o)

Stacey said...

Mist, I do hink YOU"RE all that! Not me, you're the Queen of Awards Night, lol.

Shana, ditto

D... said...

Awww, sniff, thank you so much for my award! I truly feel so special and honored. A little thing I started to help my brother pass his time has turned into so much more and given me new people I consider friends. Who would have thunk it????

Thank you again and congrats on you receiving all those awards as well. You deserved them all!