Nov 24, 2007

Deck The Blogs...The Anti-Contest!

Marie (who as I type this is probably working on building me a snow mouse) and I have heard from our friends and we understand what you're saying. Maybe you don't WANT to compete, but maybe you still want to be part of the Deck The Blogs decorating. So....scrapping the contest, we want everyone who even changes the color of their font to play along. It's an anti-contest and the prizes (we've added one more) will be drawn via random number generator.

Go over to Contest Hotel and check out the new non-rules, add our button, sign the link and you could win some major bling or some other very cool prizes!


Jim & Jami said...

Hi Stacey, I added a blog tool to my site that I got from your site yesterday. It was the Bumpzee visitor tracker.....however I can not get it to work. so today I went back to your site to ask you about it and you have replaced it with BlogCatalog, how do I remove the Bumpzee tool, I am not sooooo crazy about it.....tootles, Jami

Shana said...

I am planning on adding some Christmas bling to my blog...I have just been so gosh darn busy these past few days. :o) Tis' the!

Misty Dawn said...

Did it! Did it! I did it!!! Only thing I haven't done is put the button on my sidebar cuz Blogger is being all disrespectful and not allowing me to do that tonight :-( I hate when my own blog disrespects me.

I know you will be totally surprised, but my decorating has an animal theme to it ;-) Shocking, huh?

This is gonna be awesome Stacey!

D... said...

This anti-contest is more up my alley! Heading over there now to check it out. ;)

Girl Gone Wild - BibleStyle said...

Yay for anti-contests! You know how inadequate I am at those dang things! I'm all signed up...come look!