Nov 23, 2007

Black Friday & Me

It's Black Friday and where am I? Sitting in front of my computer. In my jammies. With no visions of shopping whatsoever. Even if I wanted to, I'm retaining so much water this week that I'd NEVER go out in public!

It's been a long week, lots of cooking for John and me, laundry up to my eyeballs, and even a little personal family drama which has since worked itself out. God is good. And I know all things happen for a reason and that even this paragraph in the book of my life will make sense down the road. So...once more I wavered and didn't give it over to Him until I had to. I'm thinking God just shakes his head at me and rolls his eyes. He knows I'll be calling, but He probably wishes I'd hurry about it.

Dinner yesterday was very good, not gonna lie. The only thing that burned were the rolls (taking after my favorite SIL) but that was a result of a new pan I bought. Really! We threw it out. I purchased that a few months ago and have since burned the bottoms only of three batches of cookies and now the Thanksgiving rolls. It's outta here! We had roll tops for dinner.

I wanted to share this photo--Cody's cat, Boo, is feeling quite comfortable with his position in the fam. That's MY chair!

And here are the boys, patiently waiting to laugh and point have at those roll tops and my pitiful lovely Jell-O ring (made thinking of my late Great Aunt Pearl).

See? Eeven my hair retains water! I'm going back to bed! (Cody, you'll laugh at this photo one day. Really!)

We followed dinner by renting Deck The Halls last night and having pie. A funny Christmas movie just gets me in the mood for the decorating, which we'll begin this weekend. Maybe. When did Christmas season start coming around so early?!

When you're ready to decorate your blog, remember the contest, Deck The Blogs is now open. The prizes are exciting and most of the are very very shiny and there are so many of them you've got a fair shot at winning something for regiftingyourself. I'm hoping you, my dear blog friends, go over to Contest Hotel and sign up.

*Check back later this evening, I'm having an overdue awards ceremony!


Marie said...

Love your dining set!

Funky Art Queen said...

Yes, I had bread issues too! First I tried these yeast loafs that did not rise as planned-cooked them anyway and they were so hard-so I just had the supplies for beer muffins which were also dry and not so good. Oh, well we had plenty anyway.

Maddy said...

Likewise, I have no intention of joining the throng of shoppers, much better off at home. Thanks for the photos.

Trinity said...

Love the pictures! You have a beautiful house as well as family.. :-)