Oct 16, 2007

Still My Baby Boy

I wasn't sure how it would be received when I revealed an exerpt from my story and I am without adequate words of thanks. So....thanks. GiGi is right, I also believe that the people who keep humor a reach away are often people who have come from darkness and don't want that to be who they are. I'm like that, GiGi's like that.

So...you have lifted me with your words and I am convinced I have the best blogger friends there are. I'll be back on tonight to visit--I am late to school today! I ended up typing until 2am again. Will I ever learn to budget my time?
Alex's piano recital tonight--don't worry I won't make you listen to the songs. I promise. Even I wouldn't want to click that play button! But I will make you look at the little Alex-a-baby pictures of him all dressed up in his little tie. Be getting yourselves ready for that treat. Just in case you can't read this (from this past Mother's Day) it says 'Love You Mom'. He's my sweet little snuggly wuggly baby waby. Who is a scant few years from looking down to look at my eyes. Wonder if I will still be able to carry him then? It's hard to do now, and people stare and I shout 'What! never seen a mommy carry her baby before?!'.....and then I realize his toes are dragging the ground and I make a mental note to crochet thicker booties so they don't get hurt in the parking lot. Oh my goodness I miss carrying my babies around!


Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

CLEARLY, you haven't carried a 16lb baby around for large parts of the day IN A LONG TIME LOL

Love the pic :) Love the pic of the pic too :)


Lala said...

Hi Stacey!!! OMG... the visual of you carying your "baby" and his toes dragging the ground is HILARIOUS!!! LOL

Been BUSY BUSY today getting auctions ready...

OH... LOVE the TUNE!!! My husband's FAV (even has a JB tattoo!!!)

Both my sister an I were "required" to take at LEAST 1 year of a classical instrument (Big Daddy's rule!!)... PIANO it was... sis stopped after 366 days... I continued... BOTH my nephews play WELL... and Nick only made it one year (he's so like my sister)... Lilley-Kate will start piano next year!!! I'd hit that button in a heartbeat to hear him bangin' those ivories!

Take Care!

lala :o)

Girl Gone Wild said...

Poor, poor little Alex. I'm sure there are quite a number of eye rolls going on from that boy!

BTW: wanna see my mug the 6th - 8th of December? I'll bring your apple butter.... (bugs in your utensil drawer??? tsk, tsk thanks for the heads up....)

Marie said...

I thought I was done with babies, but the I saw a young mother at the store jiggling her newborn to sleep. Suddenly an alarm went off and I have since been convinced that I must have another one!

Bubba's Sis said...

Oh how I miss my babies, too!

Lala said...

Hi Stacey... Hmmmmm... my noggin is throbbin... I'm THINKING that comment was a "compliment" in some weird way... at least I am treating it as such *wink*

Um... yea... spittin' in your hands and rubbing them together... that's a good enuf handwashing in ARKANSAS... WHOOOOOP... ROFLMAO!!! GET IT??? GET IT??? GOT IT... GOOD!!!

Gotta go raid the TYLENOL... or maybe munch on some UNCOOKED SPAGHETTI!!! WAIT.. let me wash my hands FIRST!!!

Lala aka TAZ :o)

Sharon said...

Okay, first of all, remind me not to eat cake either you or Lala baked - I don't know about you two...you seem to be having way to much fun with Lala's Tuesday tip.

And your little one is sooo sweet. Heck you can still carry him around. I KNOW I have a picture of my baby boy snuggling in my arms when he was about 12 - he claims he was joking but I'm his mama and I know he wanted to snuggle but be all cool about it.

D... said...

I still carry my baby boy too. And I get the stares. ;) And baby girl now looks right into my eyes. Sigh. I miss those itty bitty babies.

I know Alex did super at his piano recital tonight. Can't wait to hear about it!

kailani said...

I'll try to remember that as I'm cursing in my mind because Baby Bug refuses to walk when I take Girlie Girl to school! hee hee

Cat said...

Oh yeah ! I will be here those Dates! woohoo I get to see GiGi! lol

girl, I miss my babies too, but carrying them around is NOT what I miss. I will be so happy when all mine are driving and I can stay put!!

love ya GF

The Stevens Family said...

This post was too funny. I also read the one below and I want you to know that through your words, I could almost feel your pain. You write beautifully. Thanks for stopping by and the nice comment.

pinks & blues girls said...

Oh Stacey, you always know how to make me laugh. The thought of you carrying your "baby" around in crocheted booties is too much!! :)

In light of your last post, the fact that you have such a beautiful and humorous outlook is simply a testament to your strength.

Love to you,
Jane, Pinks & Blues

pinks & blues girls said...

I get my baby fix through my wonderful grandchildren! One still needs to be carried, one enjoys being carried, three would love to be carried if no-one is looking, and two are actually beyond carrying already (unless you make me some booties, too!).

I laughed so hard I cried!

Sharon - Pinks & Blues Girls