Oct 14, 2007

Do You Have A Plan?

At dinner tonight I was talking to my sons and John (Niki was working). I told Cody, my sophomore, that we needed a plan in case of a disaster. He didn't like the thought of that, it makes him uncomfortable, so he jokes that I worry needlessly. Undeterred, I tell him where I will pick him up if something happens. And if it's clear I cannot pick him up, I indicated the quickest foot route home. I also tell him if he cannot leave the building, find his sister. Then get to the cafeteria and get a couple of bottles of water--he'll need them to keep hydrated. I note that I need to give both Niki and Cody water bottles for their lockers..and maybe some granola bars too.

Yep. I am one of those. I have my emergency kit in the basement, complete with tape, scissors and plastic. I have the canned tuna, pouches of tuna, sardines (never had a sardine in my whole life--don't know why I think they sound good in a disaster!) and soup. We have spaghettios in cans (I lived on those cold in college) and a can opener. We have water (which is due a replacing soon), a battery operated radio and blanket. I need a new flashlight--the kids have needed those from time to time for night-tag and they know where to find mine.

I've been listening to a lot of radio and I've been keeping up on the latest developments. I'm pretty diligent about knowing what's happening world-wide, and I have a sinking feeling that we could be looking at something different. It might not be the dirty bomb we're programed to worry about (although I still worry about that too) but likely the Avian Flu. If the Avian Flu were to become a reality here in America, a full blown pandemic, I would need to protect my family and stay home until it rides itself out. Here is the government website, check it out for yourself. It looks to me as if our government hasn't ruled something like this out, so why would I?


Have you taken time to look it over and put together an emergency kit? It all fits into a large plastic bin and it didn't cost much--actually I added to it over the course of a few months until it was filled. I know what you're thinking--Stacey's gone bonkers for good....I knew it I knew it I knew it! And that's okay--because it's far more important to me that the people in my life that are important (yourself included) have the idea planted in their minds. Maybe you haven't begun, but now you will prepare just in case. And give those husbands and children something to giggle about. Besides, I may or may not share! (kidding--I will share. But not my sardines.)

This is one of the ideas I hope my family will tease me about for years. Because if they're making fun of me...then what I worry about hasn't happened. But I have a plan. I'll NEVER be ready to use it, but I'm informed. It just isn't an option to be apathetic about this.

And I am a Christian, but don't buy into the argument that when it's time it's time. It's true, that God is all knowing. At the same time, God gave me the good sense to take care of myself and my family. Very clevah! Sorry for such a dreary post on a Monday, but it's been on my mind.


Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

We totally have a plan. Living in earthquake country you're not too smart if you don't. Although I'm certain many many people don't. We have arrangements of where to meet and a backup spot just in case. We also have a huge kit with the same sort of stuff as you, but minus the sardines. I'm pretty sure I'd eat grass and leaves and maybe even dirt, before sardines.
Like any good boy scout, always be prepared!
That goes for Christmas too!!

Girl Gone Wild said...

You know..we've been working on it a little bit this year. The ice storm was a HUGE wake-up call. We found ourselves with no heat, no electricity and no water for a week. It got to be 33 degrees in our house. We did NOT have what was needed to survive. We're better prepared now, but still not where we should be. I worry about what if something should happen when OldMan is in school. I'd probably hoof it and snatch him up!

Sharon said...

Oh funny, I've been thinking about writing a post on this exact subject! And yes, we have a plan. We also keep two back packs filled with our emergency supplies should we need to evacuate in a hurry. Last year, I attended a seminar by the authors who wrote a book on the rescue of the animals left behind during Katrina - heartbreaking stories - but it made us think about whether or not we were prepared to evacuate our pets with us. And now with the additon of a second dog - and a big one at that - we've had to rethink our emergency evacuation procedures as well as what to bring. It's so much easier with a small dog - a front carrier, a muzzle and a small container of food. Something makes me think I won't be able carry Abby in that front carrier, LOL

karen said...

This is so interesting that you wrote about this. I have actually been thinking about this lately because I DON"T have a plan or a kit put together. I really need to do that. I also need to talk to my kids about what to do and where to go to meet up. It is important.

I remember when I worked at the bank they always drilled us on robbery. They always said that if you go over it in your head - everything you will do and say and how to act, then your body will automatically DO those things if it does happen. You are prepared.

So I do think you are right about "just in case". I need to get some stuff together!

One thing we have purchased are those flashlights that do not take batteries. They are LED and you wind them up. They are awesome. We got tired of the kids leaving them on and running down the batteries. These are great!!

Marie said...

I grew up in earthquake country and had emergency stuff drilled into my head. Turning off the gas, staying away from power lines, etc.

Then I moved to Florida and emergency preparedness took on a whole new meaning. A disaster there is not just possible, it's probable. The most frightening moment of my life was laying in my closet next to my sleeping family, listening to the radio, waiting for the category 5 hurricane (Charley) to hit us. All I could think about was how I might have prepared better. Thank God the storm turned, and you can bet I did a better job of preparing after that. Until we could move the heck away from there, that is.

Lala said...

Hi Stacey!!!... Ha... My "Big Daddy" will be knockin' if "the biggie" happens... he LOVES sardines... ya MIGHT wanna taste them BEFOREHAND though... they are definitely an AQUIRED TASTE... :o)

Yep... SO have an emergency plan and kit... we have a 10x10 room in our basement that will be our "safezone" (windowless) includes 2 futons... and we have shelving with supplies (NO sardines though) and a couple of plastic storage tubs with clothing in it too... got the plastic and tape also (there are 4 windows in the basement)... even had my husband put a metal door on leading down to the basement when we moved in... the kids know what to do... we usually go through it every few months... with my husband's current job he is required to have a "plan"... and it was even "evaluated" by his work

Funny you should post this... I just told my husband this past weekend to get my "emergency kit" together for my van (extra blankets, H20, snacks, flares, thos "hothands" things)

You can never be TOO PREPARED in my book!

Lala :o)

Cat said...

Umm okay, I am a procrastinator! I would so be one of those people in the store buying it all the day before! Just like I did for the Hurricane! LOL

Love you girl! I miss you too!

karen said...

Hey there. I found those flashlights at walmart and they are cheaper at Big Lots.

I have heard that there could be one out there that has a built in radio on it too. That would be great - lights and some communication all in a few winds.

Cheryl said...

I'll betcha mine is bigger than yours! My husband adds to our emergency equipment regularly. We even have a huge duffel bag that can be a backpack if needed. You name it, we got it. Anybody need surgery?