Oct 17, 2007

Community Blogging *Updated at the end!

Shana thought I should have this--and I'd like to give it back to her but she already won it! I feel like I've been very selfish with my blog posts lately, so this is just what I need I do believe! I need to climb out of my sad thoughts and just 'be'--I'm much happier when I'm just 'being' anyway. It's the Community Blog Award and this is what it says:

The Community Blog Award celebrates people who reach out and makes the blogger community a better one.

Now I just came from Shana's blog and she wrote something very interesting about perception, I think it's worth reading, hopefully some of you will have time to go over there. I'll award this out soon--I'm off to another diving meet here in a few.

*PS--Our pastor called today. I always get nervous when he calls and leaves a callback message--ALWAYS start thinking 'what did I do? what DID I do? OMG OMG OMG WHATTTTT?????!!!!! Am I being voted out of church? Why? How will I tell John? The kids? The IN-LAWS??? Turns out I can stay. For now, he says. Just for now.

He asked if I would be at the Wednesday small group tonight (remember Ragamuffin Gospel). I am. So I get to lead the discussion because he will not be there. So Cat and Karen, if you're reading this...I sure do hope you read your chapter. Because I will be calling on you for answers. ANSWERS, darnnit! And I'm soo all about leaving a note on the pastor's desk if y'all either 1) didn't come to class prepared or 2) didn't behave yourselves! Because you know how I bent by now--I'm all about proper behavior in class and stuff. And if I do have to leave a note and the pastor calls you, you might otta be wondering what YOU did! (muahahaha!)
**Okay I'm going to pass it on...it only takes a spark..alright I won't sing, you're lucky I have a lot of typing to do! I have a list of bloggers over on my side that amaze me every single time I head over there with their personalities. All y'all are unique and all y'all really would like each other if you go over and look. So I did it the only way I know, most conventional I think--I closed my eyes, positioned the mouse over the list and scrolled up and down and stopped on three. Because I'd think all of you would be deserving!
  1. Coming To A Nursery Near You...(Dawn) Okay now this is a good one--and she said today I was cute so although it had NOTHING to do with her winning, she's proven herself to be perceptive as well. So, my twin cute-ness blogger Dawn, you truly to give back more than you take.
  2. Pinks & Blues Girls...(Sharon, Audrey, Jane) Well now--I went over and looked and this just MIGHT be one award these gals don't have! And if evah an award fit them, thinking this is it. If you don't know Pinks & Blues, you don't know funny, smart, sweet, intelligent and of course beautiful all rolled up into one amazing blog. (guys, I think you should deposit something into my PayPal for that--let me know what you think!)
  3. Skimbaco---Katja Okay this is a little awkward--almost interchangeable with the P&B Girls! This lovely gal, Katja, is kind of like Pinks & Blues to me. She's all those qualities and living up in the Colorado mountains with her long beautiful red hair, being an amazing community to a buncha bloggers. And she likes me--or she says she does. You do, Katja, right? Just say yes, I'm not good at rejection! Seriously, Katja, this award fits you nicely!

Thanks Miss Shana, because you made my day today! Alex didn't get piano pictures up for it, but that's okay--he'll have to wait. Mommy's awards come first. As it should be! Oh yeah, and Cody--fantastic dive meet--second place out of I think seven. I think. At least seven but may have been eight.

**You will notice I don't have my post from the other day up--I kept it as a draft but I am aware there are some readers of my blog who may or may not reveal my blog to my mother and it would kinda be awkward. And loud. Yeah, it'd be loud for sure.


Marie said...

Coincidentally, there is something for you on my blog. :D

Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

You are just too cute, you know that right?

karen said...

BLAAAHHHH! I am reading this and I am looking at the clock and group is over now.

IM SO SORRY I MISSED OUT YOUR LEADING!!! I really mean that. My cousins were in town and we had dinner at my Mom's. It was so nasty and rainy I decided to just come home (I can't hardly see to drive at night and when it rains I'm in real trouble!) So SORRY!!!

Girl Gone Wild said...

Look at you! Filling in for the pastor!!!!!! Aren't you someone special. And an award to boot! Just can't wait to bask in your shadow....

Sharon said...

You so deserve the community blogger award. And did you happen to record you leading the group? You know, so you could post it on your church's website so I can download it to my iPod and enjoy your brilliant insights.

Cat said...

Congrats on the community blogger award girl! YOu do deserve it!

As for class tonight, girl, It was awesome, very good class tonight! Karen! you missed out girl!

Take care GF!

kailani said...

I worry when my daughter's teacher leaves a message to call her. I don't think Girlie Girl did anything wrong. I'm wondering what Girlie Girl told her about me! hee hee

Congratulations on your award!

Shana said...

Thank you for your sweet words about me. And really you are an awesome asset to my community. Your comments lift me up and brighten my day each time you leave one. I am so glad that I wondered over to your blog on that Throwback Thursday a while back. :o)

tegdirb92 said...

Congratulations on the award!! You definitely make this blogging community a better place :)

There is an award waiting for you at my blog HERE


Misty Dawn said...

Stacey, you truly are a special person and you certainly make my 'community' a better place ;-)

D... said...

congrats to Cody! That's awesome!!

And congrats on your award. You most definitely deserve it. I'm so very glad we've gotten a chance to hook up in this blogging world.

Katja of skimbaco.com said...

Thank you so much! I am so honored, especially because it's from you. I was jus thinking about you today (while listening the CD in my car)! I adore you, you have such an amazing spirit, and I almost envy you for that - if I was that type of person. Yes, I'm your biggest fan :)

Hugs! Katja