Oct 2, 2007

My Birthday Dreams Have Already Come True!

I made caramel apples yesterday from a recipe I scored off Bridget's site awhile back. They're good--I've eaten two myself! I thought they looked very fine on the dining room table this time--with the Halloween place mats. And as I'm editing the shots, I was going to crop it and eliminate the door off the main hall there--our master bedroom. But then I decided it's a good lead into a good house hunting lesson. Just immediately to the left of the dining room entry is the front door (you can't see it, but it's about three feet away). So...obviously the bedroom door isn't far from the front door. This is very handy, having the master bedroom on the main level--I like that. But what hasn't been especially handy is putting the door to the master room mere six or so feet from the front door. One might not think of this while house-hunting. Until you haven't made your bed or collected your unmentionables off the floor and guests stop in.

It might not be handy if you've just had a major operation--say, oh...an hysterectomy...and company calls without calling. And if that happens and if you are loaded with every prescription allowable for a solid week (me, I wouldn't know about that!), sprawled out in the middle of the bed atop seven pillows to keep your 100 stitches from bursting open, unable to get up and shut the door before your husband or kids invite company in, you are sunk. Smile and weakly wave hello while you check to make sure all your leftover parts are covered. They will look in. Every. single. time. Whether they're here to visit you or not.

Something to think on before you buy or build.

And because tomorrow is my official beginning of my fifth decade, I will go ahead and own it now. I am turning 40. And I think 40 is about my expiration date. I have lost my innards, I've had my varicose veins stripped. What d'ya think of those legs?--learn from me, don't do this in the summer. It's too danged sexy and attracts unwanted attention--at least that's what I think everyone was staring about when I was at the store--four weeks of this I was treated to!

I have a double bridge in my mouth, my jaw pops, so I'll need that fixed because my ears ring and ache. I must wear reading glasses to read small print up close, and now, just this week, I awoke to find I have developed carpal tunnel syndrome. And I type. For a living. That's about right--I was due another body part failure!

I saw a t-shirt online that said "It took me 40 years to look this good". At this rate, my friends, I can scarcely wait to see what 50 will bring--is it possible for eyelids to droop so low you can't drive anymore? This could happen, I'm watching the right one with intensity (photo below was my big bunco win, btw, and check the right eye)! I'll watch it until I can't see to watch it anymore.
And the beauty mark on my right cheek--oh so beautiful in my 20's and 30's. In my 40's, let's call it what it's growing to become--a wart. (Did I mention I had one removed about seven years ago that grew to be the size of a nickle....on my left....never mind, it's gone now, I'll spare you. Besides, a skirted bathing suit covered it nicely.) Before I go away, I was give the cutest cutest little award this week--TWICE, once by Surjit and once by Misty Dawn--and they're right on here--I'll drink that little blue drink anytime anywhere! Both of them. Be darned if I care why they're blue! Thanks both of you, it feels like a big giant hug when someone thinks I'm worthy of an award. Now if you'll excuse me while I sip on this--I'm off to see if I have anymore of those little pills leftover.......


Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

A wart grew to the size of a nickel? Scary stuff!
ANyhoo, I hope tomorrow is a great day, even though you've scared the bejeebers out of me for turning 40. I'm sure it won't be all that bad ;-)

Lala said...

Hi Stacey... Well... I gotta few months of experience with the whole "Four-OH OH OOOOOOHHHHH" thing... yea... and "THEY" say 40 is the new 30???? What a load of CRAP... 7 lbs. and a body I am starting to not recognize... more chin hairs than I care to PLUCK every day... JUST in the last few months??? WHATEVER... :o)~

Happy Birthday!!!!... or just Birthday... whatever floats your boat... LOL

Don't they have some kinda CREAM for that droopy lid???

Lala :o)

Misty Dawn said...

Ummmm - just let ME say - HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! (see that, FOUR happy's and FOUR exclamation points - four is my favorite number, did ya know that????)

Stacey, I love you Hun - you are so very special, funny, sweet, considerate, and fun! I hope you have the greatest birthday EVAHHHHH!

Remember - age is a NUMBER - you are what you feel (on the inside - forget all that painful outside crap - if I went by that, I'd be about 50!!!)

Happy birthday to a very, very special friend! Ok, I'm getting all sappy now, I better end this comment.

karen said...

Stacey, you are stinkin' hilarious! You have such a knack for writing and making me giggle.

Happy pre-birthday to YOU!!!

Those apples look great. I really want to take my finger and swipe that caramel about to drip over the side. Mmmmmm. . .I can taste it now.

Will you be there tomorrow night being it's your birthday and all??

Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

no no noooooo, your birthday wasn't supposed to be until November!!! Dammit, it has to be november. doesn't it?


Well, Happy Happy Birthday to a wonderful new friend and awesome guest blogger and ya know, all around NEAT person :) Big Hugs!

Katja of skimbaco.com said...

Happy Birthday Stacey! You are fantabulistic the way you are! Oh yeah, and I did the 5 things you didn't wanna know about me. I had to go careful though. My MIL reads the blog, so I couldn't really tell any naughty stuff, like that I had known my husband only 5 hours before.. well, never mind.

D... said...

I hope your StaceyDay is as beautiful, fabulous, and special as you are!!
Enjoy it! You deserve it.

And, oh my, do I ever hear you on what happens to the body each passing year.

Bubba's Sis said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STACEY SWEETIE! I knew there was reason you're so cool - you're a Libra, too! My b-day is Sunday. I'm not far behind you (I'll be 38). I am so with you on the whole body-falling-apart thing. But hey - we're still kickin'!

Hope you have the bestest of birthdays, dear blogger friend!!

keeyit said...

happy birthday to you ya

Sharon said...

Oh girl, you are FABULOUS! What a perfect award for you to receive.

Happy Happy pre-birthday! I'll be back tomorrow with birthday wishes again.

Since I'm *ahem* a few years older than you I can honestly say your forties are even better than your thirties - if you can ignore how your body rebels against you that is, LOL!

Could you package a few of those yummy caramel apples and send them north? DH and I LOVE caramel apples but I'm too lazy to make them.

Shana said...

Happy Birthday!

Sharon said...

Ah, oops, I really did think your actual birthday was tomorrow - the 4th - I just figured you were anxious to get the party going.

I guess this is one of those times that I can claim "senior moment" because I ain't admitting to indulging in blue cocktails before noon, LOL!

karen said...

I'm glad you will be there tonight! I'll see ya then.

Hope you are having a fabulous Birthday! You deserve it.

kailanil said...

I think that the 40s are the new 30s. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

Happy Birthday!

tegdirb92 said...

the happiest of birthdays to you dear sweet Stacey! You have certainly brightened my year just by knowing you. You brighten everone's life you touch--your warmth, your live for our Lord, and your lighthearted sense of humor. I'm just glad to know you. Your turning over another page in your life but it just keeps getting better!!!

The apples look wonderful on the table, BTW!


Girl Gone Wild said...

UGH!!!!!! I left you this really cool (and dang hilarious) comment this morning and it's not here! DANG! I probably pushed some stupid wrong button!

Stacey, I've been trying to call you...I wasn't going to let this birthday go without some obnoxiousness from me...I really wanted to do more to surprise you, but "someone" wouldn't tell me when the exact day was. Hmmm...that just means I'll have to make it more elaborate in December...when I see you.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the funniest, sweeties and most caring blogger I know. Hope it is very happy.

Loving the carmel apples, looks like a Pottery Barn picute!! My bedroom in on the first floor too, so I hear you loud and clear. Guess what, I had a hystorectomy last year too, and had the same problem, with company. On too much percocet to notice!

You look beautiful, you really do. So enjoy your birthday and eat a lot of cake. Your beauty shines inside and out.

tere616 said...

Happy Birthday .... !
You are still beautiful. 40 is the age when a woman look beautiful compare to her 20's or 30's.

Wish you all the best

BTW, your caramel apple, makes me hungry ..:-)

Once again, happy birthday to you

Terence Chang said...


Happy birthday! Looks like you have had a lot of pain and fun the same time. I am back from my trip to China.

You take a good care!

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday to you!!! Yes turning 40 is the pits unfortunately everything starts falling apart at that point. Hubby always warned me, just wait till YOU turn 40. He's 15 years older. Guess he knew what he was talking about. LOL

Cat said...

STACEY! I feel like a HORRIBLE PERSON! I miss reading your blog for 2 days and what do I miss? YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! why did you not tell me when your birthday is? I would of come and taken you to lunch! GAH I SUCK!

I am still going to take you to lunch, so just name the time and place! OKAY?

I think you are one hot mama for being 40! You know I hear that 40 is the NEW 20!

Trinity said...

OOOOH I feel awful because I miss your birthday!!! I am so sorry!


Though I am so late (just like Cat) please take me when you go for lunch with Cat.. hehehe...