Sep 30, 2007

I Can Justify Just About Anything--After All, I Am The Teacher!

Eileen thought she'd add to my credentials box, although I think she's got the wrong Stacey at JameeForever! This is what the award, An Apple For Teacher Award, is about:
"for those people who spend much time and energy teaching ushow to do things on blogs, encouraging us, enabling us, instructing us and enthusing us."

Now Eileen, I can see why you would receive this--you're always teaching me, mostly while you retell your workday. I'm not sure what I taught you, but lemme try to justify me keeping this award (because I am)!

These are things I could have taught you:
Basic airplane construction

Maybe it was my tutorial on how to avoid double-chinned photos:

Very possibly you learned what Pilot John taught me--despite what it reads, keep this t-shirt ON, do not take it off before flight! (or just that Pilot John is sky candy, idk, not sayin he is or he isn't): That even the quietest church ladies can learn to throw up the deuces right there in front of the church if you don't tell them they may or may not be flashing gang signs (gosh it seems I have a thing about contorting my lips when I take a photograph--I'll work on that!):
That I shouldn't go around asking if my BFF GiGi has tanner (or thinner) legs than I'll be a yes--that's Gi on the left, duh!:

That it is PERFECTLY fine to pick the best picture of yourself with your friends, and that Cat shouldn't have been trying to pick up a potato chip with her toes!:

But in case said friend doesn't like you after that, go ahead and put up a better one of her:

And finally, I do believe I can accept this award if I think I might have taught you that even if you don a fun little cowboy hat and hold your breath, you will eventually be booted off Top Momma anyway!

I think I learn something from everyone I frequent, but I have to choose a few, so for this award I'm going to pass this onto:

GiGi --I didn't have to think about this one! She shows me how much easier it is to get through life laughing at myself most of the time. And when the situation calls for it, is a friend (BFF) and a daughter, a wife, a mother, a sister. She's so many things for so many people and reading this blog has made me a much better person--no getting around it.

USO Girl and Bubba's Sis for the same reasons--they're best friends, their daughters are best friends, and reading their blog shows me EVERY single time what amazing ways best friends, truly best friends, will do for our lives. Put someone else in front of your wants every single time and you will never be sorry--these girls illustrate that well.

Sharon--You know by now I adore Sharon and I covet her sewing skills. She constantly updates with projects she's been working on, tips, gadgets (the turner thing for spaghetti straps I have yet to get but need) and now she teaches her readers how to pose for the camera. Sharon, I still think going the FBANXPOR route with that blue skirt would have been the way to go. But you're the expert, but think about it.

Surjit--Threw a new one in there to throw ya! How do I describe this man--I don't know that I can fully do that. He's got a blog that really does teach--and it does so by forcing me to think. When he first met me on a blog link community, he picked up on my description 'my blog is all about me, me, me, me, me' and of course needed to see who this woman was who thought so highly of herself. Hopefully he knows by now that's not really me.


Misty Dawn said...

GUESS WHAT!!! There's yet ANOTHER award waiting for you! It's at my blog!

kailani said...

I think we all learn new things in different ways every day. And you have definitely been a great teacher! Congrats on your recognition!

D... said...

You are THE teacher! I know you have many more tricks left to teach. :)

Now I need to dry the tears from my eyes. Thank YOU for the award. I couldn't ask for a more caring or more fun BFF than Bubba's Sis. I'm a lucky duck for sure.

pinks & blues girls said...

Well, I, for one, am always learning from you... specifically, new ways to make life fun! You are definitely an amazing teacher, Stacey!! Congrats!

Jane, Pinks & Blues

Katja of said...

Congrats!! I like the new design! You got it done before I got mine ready... it's till in process. If it ever will work the way I want...
But yours looks cute!

surjit said...

Thank you sooo much Stacey for presenting me this wonderful 'An Apple For Teacher Blog Award'.
I thought I was a 'knowledge seeker'But you consider me a teacher.(HA HA) This is, of course, a great honor for me.
God bless.

D... said...

Oh, Stacey, there is no witty reply for *that* comment. I have learned to just go about my business like nothing has been said. He lives to shock so you must remain stoic. And then blog about it. Hee!

Bubba's Sis said...

Aw, shucks. You're too kind, Stacey!! Me and D - we're like peas and carrots. Thanx for the award!

Girl Gone Wild said...

Dang! This is the week for awards, huh? Teacher award...HA! Now that is durn funny. How am I gonna explain this on my blog?! My mom might right near fall off her recliner on this post.

Trinity said...

Stacey I envy you! You have so many friends in real world as well as in your blog! I never met any of my blogging friends at all! *sad*

I wonder why my friends have no blogs.. :-((