Oct 18, 2007

Maestro Alexander & The Pants Do Too Fit!

Promised piano pictures---finally got to them! Here we are with Alex, ready to absorb some culture!

At first glance and this next photo, one might think I'm posing....could be. Could be posing. Could be trying to stretch out the slacks that are tighter than they were last year, idk. I'm not sure which I'd rather my friends believe--go with the pose thing. My pants fit nicely--they did NOT cut off my circulation when sat down. And if they did, it probably is because they shrank in the closet with all the humidity and all. And I didn't have to stretch my sweater either. It hung just like I remembered it would. Gosh if this is how my winter clothes work now--I'm very afraid of next summer!
I keep asking my friends how is it they can go in and remove 20 pounds of stuff from me and I come out of the hospital 15 pounds heavier? How?! Tell me someone! And someone should have told me before. I might have had a fundraiser to pay for a tummy tuck while I was there. If everyone had given just $5.00 it could have been worked out.
Alright, I'm done with my weight rant...I give you the maestro--Alexander! He was so nervous--but still performed perfectly! I wish I could have taken his butterflies away. We're very proud of him--he worked hard.

I brought home a clip-on tie the other night and he didn't say much. While we were at Kohl's that day searching for new slacks (I'm not the ONLY one who outgrew his clothes--okay okay he got taller I got wider..whatever)....he saw the real ties and asked if he could have one. Like Daddy's. Well how could I not?! Knot. I couldn't knot. But fortunately John came home in time to fix that for him!


Pinks & Blues said...

Helo my dear Stacey... I'm saying something! :)
You crack me up. Why can't you live in RI? Please!? Hello!?
The photos are great!! And I love the clip-on tie. That is awesome!! But look at that sweet face. And you look pretty smoking my friend! Your kids must feel so cool to have you as a mom!!
Love it!

D... said...

What a beautiful family and a handsome pianist!

Winter clothes? You have winter clothes? I miss winter clothes.

Lala said...
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Misty Dawn said...

Stacey, you have such a gorgeous and fantastic family! If I were that type of person, I'd be jealous (good thing I'm not like that, eh?) I love the photos and you've got such a handsome guy there! You? Oh Honey - you are as HOT as they come! Hmmm, do you think the $5 fundraiser tummy tuck idea thing would work to get me a boob job? just askin ;-)

Stacey said...

Very funny Lala--but I didn't take the photos. Sorry. I'm pretty sure if I had to cut off it wouldn't be my hips, it'd be all the mid-section you see right there!

karen said...

He look so grown up and handsome! Eek, piano recitals - that brings back some scary moments in life.

You look great!!!! Shut up already about the way you look. You look GREAT!!!! Let me say it again - you look maaaaarveloooouuus!!! Hee hee.

(spoken from someone who is 20 lbs heavy) :P

Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

awww, how cool to have a pianist in the family! He does look very grown up & handsome - and Audrey, she can't live in RI because she's gonna come live in NH! Right, Stacey? RIGHT!??

Cat said...

What a beautiful photo of you guys! and look at Alex, what a ham. LOL

Funky Art Queen said...

I know what you mean about clothes being a little too tight compared to last year. It's the washer...I know it is shrinking my clothes.

tegdirb92 said...

wow, I'm proud am I'm not there!! He looks so grown up.