Oct 31, 2007

Its Here Its Here Its Here!!!!!!

Edit: Bridget--it was Bridget who gave me the first Wonder Woman Award and I clipboarded the picture and went off and left it there, all lonely and....well, alone. Bridget, I'm sorry. Pleeeeeeze forgive me--pleeeeeeze! I know you will...but I thought it was funner to holler it out! But I am sorry, my friend. I'm still not sure how this happened--you know much I like awards!

I couldn't decide what to be this morning......I STILL didn't have my costume ready for trickorating! Then I remembered as I was reading GiGi's brag page (a little extensive, Gi, just saying) that AHA! Misty had also given me the coveted Wonder Woman. I'm all about Wonder Woman--I mean, she's even launching her singing career and stuff. I get to be on the Christmas choir this year (that is until Ethan, our youth pastor and worship leader hears of this--maybe he won't see me. He knows I can't sing for a box of pudding, so we keep this on the down low for now. I'm a fake singer, but I wanna be in the choir, but I'm wayy off topic here!)

*Disclaimer: This award sounded mighty familiar to me, and I knew when I went over and put it in my blog folder and saw it sitting there I had been given it before. And I can't remember where! So to who gave it to me--I'm sorry I forgot, I am positive I love you dearly, and I hope we can still be friends!

I'm doing Wonder Woman today, thanks to Misty! And I know exactly who I pass this onto.....

Eileen--Eileen is all over the place helping others and loving her family. I'm totally drained everytime I go over there and at the same time, I'm inspired to do better. I'm a works in progress, but I'm still keeping the WW badge! (I was waiting for an excuse to belt that song!)

Sharon--Sharon is my favorite seamstress/clown/dancing librarian (ask her)/puppy momma. She is definitely a superhero in my eyes.

Okay, off to the store, got a few subjects to finish up with Alex, then showtime! We're going over to our friends' house (remember Gary and the manfire?), they live on the other side of the hood, just beyond them thar ponds, and we're eating chili, cornbread, crackers, jalapeno squares and brownies. Chased down by those innocent little margies she serves. You know I enjoy those margies in a bottle! (Debbie my favorite SIL, Chuck, my pastor, Ethan, our youth pastor--- I mean that in a completely non-alcoholic sort of way--pshh! Is there any other way? I wouldn't know. Those blue drinks over there on the side offend me greatly!)

Happy Halloween my friends, I hope yours is fun fun fun and safe! Come by my house--I have the little candy bars.


Girl Gone Wild said...

I have to admit you do a MUCH better job at accepting awards than I do. and Yes...

You are a wonder woman! Maybe not at singing...but American Idol is SO over-rated.

(...BTW, I think you just busted yourself with your pastors. So much for leading those small groups!)

Lunch? Next week? Let me know..

Girl Gone Wild said...

The following week will work too...I'm trying to set up a Lasik appointment in KC so I'll let you know if anything changes.

Bubba's Sis said...

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, WONDER WOMAN! Ya know, it's kinda funny, D is going to BE Wonder Woman for Halloween tonight! Me - I think I'll be a witch and hold my new black kitty. She'll love it.

Terence Chang said...


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D... said...

Happy Halloween!! B/S is right. I am Wonder Woman tonight. Hubby is a Star Wars character.

Enjoy your friends and stay safe!

*Yes, I think I will be in for a ride with Bear and the girls. Sigh. The Flapper costume is my favorite too. I'll have to send a better pic of it. It's really cute!

tegdirb92 said...

I gave you this award too :) Congratulations to you!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and thank you for the Wonder Woman Award. I am so surprised and honored. You certainly deserve it!!! You are one amazing woman, that is for sure. I am so glad I found you and your blog, in this huge land of cyberland!!!
Thanks again, you too sweet!