Oct 8, 2007

Eight Being My Favorite Number....I Think I'll Play!

CAT did the Crazy Eights and thought I'd enjoy it too....here goes:

8 things I’m passionate about:

  • My family
  • My friends
  • Politics
  • Writing
  • Animals
  • Sewing
  • Thrifting
  • Music from the 70s and 80s

8 things I want to do before I die:
  • Disneyland & Disney World Again!
  • Write some profound things!
  • Read the Bible all the way thru (fixin to do that next year)
  • Meet the children we sponsor through Compassion
  • Finish organizing my kids' photographs
  • Learn patience
  • Grow to be a more grace-giving person
  • Learn the art of cooking

8 things I say often:

  • Uhhh..NO
  • WhatEVER
  • Girlfriend!
  • I love you
  • Did you brush your teeth? Come here! Let me see....
  • Ain't nobody wearing dirty clothes out of my house!
  • Ello?
  • Let Louie out someone! (gosh I yell a lot)

8 books I’ve recently read:

  • The Englisher (Beverly Lewis)
  • Ruth (in the Bible)
  • The Ragamuffin Gospel (I'm 1/2 through this)
  • Judges (in the Bible--1/2 through this)
  • Pocahontas (Homeschool...I know, I'm exciting)
  • Squanto (Homeschool...again)
  • Walk The Word's Rim (Homeschool...do you see a pattern here?)
  • Sign Of The Beaver (Do I REALLY nee to tell you why???)

8 songs I could listen to over and over:

  • Come On Eileen (Dexy's Midnight Runners)
  • Bringing On The Heartbreak (Def Leppard)
  • Still Loving You (Scorpions)
  • I'm Not In Love (10cc)
  • Beth (Kiss)
  • Love Hurts (Nazareth)
  • At Seventeen (Janis Ian)
  • Life In A Northern Town (Dream Academy)
  • I have like 100 more....do I have to stop?

8 things that attract me to my best friends:

  • Exuberance for life
  • Whacky humor
  • Accepting personality
  • Generosity (not money...but time and thought)
  • Intelligence
  • Similar family values
  • Listeners
  • Consistency

8 things I’ve learned this past year:

  • Don't take things at face value
  • If it sounds 'off'', it probably is
  • Three cats and a dog are a lot of animal...
  • I'm learning NOW how to scrapbook digitally!
  • That this isn't my season for me
  • Margaritas are a nice little ladylike drink--but six in a row might ruin my weekend.
  • That if I give of myself my time, I will never be sorry
  • That if I get out of the house and get to church on Wednesdays when I'm overloaded with work, then I actually come home feeling renewed, not behind.

8 people I think should do Crazy 8’s

  • The First Eight People Who Read This And Think It's Fun Too!


Lala said...

Hi Stacey!!! OK... so I guess I am tagging myself??? LOL... TAG... I'm "it"... (pathetic I know!!!)... :o) OK... I'll play... check me out later tater and see my Crazy Eights!!!

Lala :o)

Girl Gone Wild said...

Sign of the Beaver?...SIGN OF THE BEAVER?!?! What the hey-hoo is that?!???

Girl Gone Wild said...

Oh sure...Indian boy...right. That's exactly what I was thinking...ahem.

Sharon said...

I'm with Girl Gone Wild - Sign of the Beaver?!? Better 'splain yourself missy. I'm not so crazy so I guess I can't play, LOL! By the way, I may never go back to posting now that I have this PRESSURE to be amusing!

Misty Dawn said...

My gosh, your commenters' minds sure are in the gutter! Those thoughts didn't even cross my mind ;-)

Great answers to this meme, and I can't wait to see some of your digital scrapbook! Will you come teach me to sew? Then, we can learn to cook together :-)

kailani said...

I hear you about organizing the photos. I don't think I'll ever get through them. I'll just leave them for the kids to do once I'm gone. hee hee

keeyit said...

Interesting 8 things meme from you.. First time here.. :)

Sharon said...

Did you say your reading the WHOLE bible?? WOW good for you. that's a whole lot of reading. Hats off to you. I think that's great.

D... said...

I'm #9 so I'm not tagged. :P

It's not my season either, my friend. I keep thinking the next season will be, but alas....

I need to get cracking on my tag from Misty Dawn.

kelly said...

HI Stacey,

This book title wasn't made by someone who works with my 8th grade students, that's for sure!

I'm off to dinner with Eric. I'll try to do the "8 things..." later tonight or tomorrow. I love these kinds of lists!

Love you!!