Sep 24, 2007

Tag For Views

My friend, Katja, tagged me. I'm supposed to taked a photo outside the window I ususally blog near. Usually? No laptop here, so pretty much all the time! Okay, Katja, I'll play--but I still claim you have an unfair advantage. But I'm secure in my un-inspiring, boring, every-other-person in America view, I can take it.

Now this is kind of fun: look on either side of the yard and note I can see both driveways. That's right--there'll be no sneaking in late on my watch.

And now I tag Gigi, Bridget, Shana and Sharon. I'm very curious--and I secretly hope I don't see any swimming pools, horses frolicking in the meadows or oceans (although I might see a sexy-beast butterfly lurking outside GiGi's window).


Sharon said...

Why do you have two driveways? Does one lead to the hired help's entrance? You know who I'm talking about - the maid, the butler and the pool boy.

At least you have a window near you! I blog buried in the living room that has no windows - you'll see when I take a photo. I want to hide the horses and disguise the pool first...actually I should pick up the big puppies presents before taking photos, if you know what I mean.

Katja from said...

The grass. is. cut. and pretty.

Looks really nice to me. They don't have much nice grass in our neighbourhood. Nobody cuts their grass anyway. They have horses to do it.

I guess if my grass was cut as nicely, you could see the bear poop even better. Now it at least hides in the crazy grass as a surprise..

My mountains are great, and I do feel like million times less stressed here. It is nice just to sit and look at the views.

But no paved road. No nicely cut grass. No mailbox. No trash pick-up service. Can't wait for the snow - you guessed it: no snow-blowing-service either.

You just can't have it all. Your view good. My view good. Just different good.

Stacey said...

LOL, Sharon, you're the funniest seamstress I ever met. Naw, we have two driveways because in the basement there's an itty bitty garage that nobody uses because it's a 90 degree turn into it and it's tiny. John's mower almost takes the whole thing up! So really it's a mower storage...and the driveway is where John usually parks--and dodges the neighbors sprinklers that turn on every morning 20 minutes before he leaves (hehe).

tegdirb92 said...

this looks like so much fun!! I'll have to do this one tomorrow after it's daylight out. What a great view you have out your window!

Bubba's Sis said...

Oh thank you for not tagging me for this one! My picture would be of a fence because my office window is on the side of the house. But did you get that? MY OFFICE! My very own room that's mine all mine. I love it.

kailani said...

I still need to get going on this one. Your grass is so green!

Halfmoon Girl said...

Your grass IS very green. That is a lovely tree you have there too. My view is probably the least attractive in our whole yard.

Trinity said...

Hi Stacey, I think you have a great scenery... You don't have a fence in your neighborhood! Mine here have fences in front of the house..

Btw, I have a little celebration in my blog... will you come and celebrate with us?


Girl Gone Wild said...

Oh holy crap, Stacey!!! Now you'll get to see just how bad of a mow job I've been doing! Oh well...You asked for it! Wait until you see what I've got for you!

You never did say when your birthday was!!!!

Sharon said...

Oh, Oh! I know when her birthday is! Stacey, can I tell? Or are you planning a big bloggy birthday bash? A BBBB? You know, four B's for the big four oh (or was that a secret?)

Shana said...

You just had to remind me of the fact that I don't have a!!! I will post a picture as soon as my camera is returned, I promise.