Sep 25, 2007

My FAQ Prize Is Here! I've Entered TWO More Contests

I received my prize for the self-portrait I submitted over at Funky Art Queen (aka my little FAQ). Leslie, this is great stuff! You do have talent and I'm so thrilled to own an FAQ original. I'll post pictures onto this later--I'm still in my pj's and I only do pj photos if I'm typing after midnight while listening to XM.

But that win has revved me up again, I'm entering a few contests today. It's been a long time, I'm ready. First up is for a gift certificate to the beautiful Katja's company, Skimbaco. I could only be so lucky to win this $100 gift certificate, and I have just the right little one who would benefit from her boutique! Her boutique is filled to the rafters with a delightfully unique array of kids clothing, mom clothing and accessories. It's being hosted by a blog new to me, but I think I'll become a regular at So A Blonde Walks Into A Review. She likes Katja, I don't need to know more than that!

The next blogger is new as well, she dropped in to comment and let me know about her celebration giveaway! Trinity is celebrating a myriad of family events, including her 8th anniversary (today! --happy anniversary!), her children's birthdays, family birthdays, you name it. She's going to be one very busy woman, but I gather from her blog she's quite happy to do it. I'm supposed to mention which of the gifts in the picture I want, but that's too hard! I think I'll choose the little bag on the bottom, the pink & brown. I like that combination. Thanks, Trinity, go ahead and enter my name three times if you would. And if you see GiGi (known to most as Girl Gone Wild), smile and nod, she's harmless. Gigi, my friend...are you in?

Dawn, you're right! I think I shall continue on, may as well forge ahead and enter but good. I do believe the portable hard drive (very cool colors, too) will quickly become my best friend. 5 Minutes For Mom is doing this giveaway, and I'm in!

Lastly but NOTTT leastly, I am entering the Pinks 'n Blues Halloween Giveaway--I didn't even look at it until today, I figured little kids costumes--that'd be mean to win if I didn't have a little kid. NOTTT...I'm going to win the DB bag and I won't share when I do. Unless you bake me snickerdoodles. Then, I share. Here's the Link over there:

I know, it's adorable! Dawn made it :)


Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

you gotta go enter the pinks & blues girls giveaway too! :)

Oh and the 5 minutes for mom one - they're giving away a HARDDRIVE and a Vacuum. Nice, eh?


Girl Gone Wild said...

Uh-Oh...are we on for some more contests?!? It's been awhile since I've lost SO BAD to you. I think I'll give it a go.

kailani said...

I've entered all of those! Good luck to you!

Funky Art Queen said...

Glad to see your are all pumped up and I'm glad you liked your art. Hugs XOXO

Trinity said...

Stacey dear, you are so cheerful! Glad to have you celebrating with us! Thank you for this entry... may I ask your favor to change giveaway link into so your readers can find the giveaway post directly? I will keep updating who are eligible to this contest in my next post... keep in touch!

You have a good post here.. You even mention the reason I celebrate my days! Thanks again.


ONwebCHECK said...

Hi! Yes something like the pirates shirt ... my son love it! A nice post here.

Girl Gone Wild said...

HEY! Why did you wake me up at 3am this morning?? Yes, you! I woke up with your voice ringing in my ears to get up. Couldn't go back to sleep...So I've been blogging since 4. You ok? (yes, I waited till 5 to ask...needed coffee and such)

Girl Gone Wild said...

You kept saying, "Jen. Gig (as in Gi-ja). Get up! Hurry! Come on!" You just kept saying it over and over. And something about a coffin...nah, I'm just kidding about that one. (hee, hee)

Sorry you're still dealing with that 'friend' thing. I was just thinking the other day what kind of reprecussion I would have if I just ran away to Lee's Summit. Went and had a blood test yesterday to double check my thyroid...just in case. We'll see. Not as overall-irritated, but still pissed off about a few things.