Sep 10, 2007

Senior Year--Might As Well Just Give Her A Blank Check!

Our daughter, Nicole, is having her senior pictures taken today. Ahhh how well I remember senior picture day. No, not really that well. I drove myself downtown, took out my two outfits and went in for the shoot. I think I was done in less than an hour and we were able to choose from about four different poses....all head/shoulder shots, all indoors. Yeah, here it is, it's the picture of me on the right. (I had this made for our anniversary last year--both of us at 17):

So you wonder why on earth is she posting garage sale pictures on this post now? Ha! These are the changes of clothing for the indoor/outdoor shoot:

Not finished--this laundry basket contains jeans, camis, slacks, shoes, jewelery.

And this is the dress she loves, I need to sew a small rip at the shoulders today before I pick her up and take her to the salon. Yes, that' right, salon. Unbeknownst to me, it's a fairly common practice for your photographer to set you up with a stylist/makeup artist before arriving at the studio. I've never been to a makeup artist--but yet Niki will be going today (and pretty pumped, must add). She paid for her own nails...I refused to do that. She shouldn't pick them so much. Yet another luxury I've never had, won't as long as I'm typing all day followed by sticking my hand in five toilet bowls twice a week! Okay okay, once a week..twice if I'm having guests.

And to complete the photo shoot, this is the cat carrier and the cat that will accompany us on the shoot. I do remember my younger sister, four years younger, able to take our dog Buttons to her shoot, so I guess this isn't a new practice. This is GiGi (your namesake, Gi!) and she's Niki's. All three kids have their own cats. Cody's is Boo...he's black. Alex's is Jack-O-Lantern (Jack) and he's orange. Halloween is about my favorite time of year, can you tell? I don't buy into the evil religous arguments--I say if my kids have a good time dressing as characters scary or funny, grab a bag and hit the hood for a bunch of loot, have at it! It's just fun!

So...there you have it, that along with a few minor additions, is what we will haul out to the shoot today. And then the packages start at $200 and to uppppp uppp upppppp.

Got the letter today about senior ads in the yearbook too. They start at $50 for 1/8 page and one photo. $100 for 1/4 page and two photos, $200 1/2 page, $400 full page. John started to put the hammer down...he is right, it's rediculous and almost unaffordable to have a senior. And I know well there are many girls in this town who will not be able to afford the senior pictures and will have to go with the school headshots they will take. And I know for sure there will be parents who simply cannot do the ads. We really shouldn't be doing them either, we've been slammed lately with this kind of stuff.

But then I remind John that our daughter has been through it. I've touched on it off and on in my posts, and maybe will again later, but not now. Just know that this girl has been through excruciating pain throughout her high school, especially girls, just do not know what they do. I have to believe this. Because if I didn't, then I'd have little faith in human nature. So..I remind John that this is about the last thing we can do to lift her up, cheer her on, in high school. I think we'll swing a 1/4 page ad. Because she WILL get through her senior year and when she does, we will be thankful to God and proud of her like none other!

Senior pictures, check. Senior ad, check. Senior ring, got one. Senior trip, doubt it. Senior moments--I'm starting to have a few.

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Misty Dawn said...

She is so beautiful! I can't wait to see some of your favorite shots - you're going to have a very hard time choosing which shots to purchase!

By the way, visit my blog to see how you can help 'Warm the Globe'.

Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

She's a beautiful girl, she really is. I hope she has a BLAST this year, and enjoys it. I really enjoyed my senior year (without all the $ required nowadays), and I wish her nothing but wonderfulness at the photo shoot :)

I'll have to find my senior picture - no clothing changes, that's for sure. LOL God, I'm old.

Cat said...

Wow, can't wait to see these shots also! I can't wait till next year! when Greg is a Senior! thank goodness it will be less of an ordeal for us than you guys! WOW, being a senior girl is pricey!

(hugs) Girlfriend!

Shana said...

Five words...THANK GOD I HAVE BOYS...
and that I have 9 more years before Caleb is a Sr. :o)

Your daughter is very pretty. I am sure you and your hubby are very proud of her. Hope the shot goes well.

JaniceNW said...

BOYS are just as expensive. Don't let 'em fool ya. K's varsity jacket(he was in varisty wrestling his soph year, and baseball jr and sr years)was $550

Senior pics were $200, class ring gosh under $200 and he did not graduate, there are many costs for that, oh and senior ball.

Stacey~I get to go through it again next year and R WILL graduate.

Girl Gone Wild said...

Maybe I'll take my kids overseas for their senior year. Most places don't have pictures, rings or anything else for that matter. It's more about college.

She's so beautiful, Gidge that any pose will be perfect. Period.

kailani said...

My goodness. I don't remember having that many options when I was taking my high school photos.

I bet they'll turn out great!

Sharon said...

She is so beautiful! But I gotta say that I'm glad I'm done with that stage - ten years ago when mine graduated the multiple outfits and poses were just coming in vogue, as well as the senior ads in the yearbooks. Since I was still a single mom at that point, there was no question that I'd be able to purchase a senior ad for either of them - gosh, the photos options alone were incredibly expensive.

I love the framed photo of the two of you at 17 - I think I may steal that idea for our tenth anniversary (next year). BTW, my DH's high school graduation photo is from the navy

Pinks & Blues said...

You know I'd do anything for you... I'm off to vote!! I hope she wins!! Thanks for the heads uP!!
- Audrey

D... said...

She is such a beautiful girl. I know you are going to have a HARD time picking out your fav. poses.

I hope she has a wonderful senior year. I'm sorry that she's been put through the ringer. It's so hard to watch our children go through those kinds of pains. I know she has the greatest parents to support her through it and I hope she has some great friends as well.

Don't get me started on money to the schools. I'm about broke myself now!

Bubba's Sis said...

Yes, boys are just as expensive. I've graduated one and I know! Good thing Daughter is only in 8th grade right now so I can save up for a few years before all the senior year expenses begin! But even for 8th grade it is ridiculous - besides school supplies, I wrote about $100 worth of checks for her the first week of school for different lab fees, computer fees, drama fees, etc. Craziness!! So much for public school being FREE.

pinks & blues girls said...

She has definitely given you guys a lot to be proud of! And what a beautiful, beautiful girl she is.

High school was not a particularly fun time for me. I can't believe my 10 year reunion is next year. Gotta look good for that. :)

I DID tell you that I received your CD, right!? I hope so! I am lovin' it!

Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls