Sep 10, 2007

¡El lunes feliz!

The Democratic debate tonight...I figure if the Democratic candidates wanted me to know what they had to say, they'd say it in English. I know the Democrats want responsible voters. Voters who are able to read the ballot before them. Before punching a chad, just any old chad. Ohh hanging chads...I miss hanging chads. A lot. ejecución en la horca de Chad The move was very smart to the credit of the Clintons. I'm not just picking on them, I honestly believe President Bush has failed us miserably on the subject of illegal immigration. It scares the bejeepers out of me to think who and what has crossed the borders we have yet to implement protection of! This is where I cannot and will not defend his policy. There isn't anything of substance to defend in the first place!

So since I didn't understand the debate and was too busy typing to watch closed caption, all I can contribute is:

El senador Hillary Clinton consiente al voto inmigrante mejicano y esto es un movimiento brillante realmente. ¿Como qué tipo de meany no querría que cada uno tuviera una posibilidad para hacer preguntas en un debate presidencial? ¿Pero cuándo ellos votan - como hacen ellos este con responsabilidad si ellos no entienden la lengua inglesa? No sé, sólo preguntarme. Ejecución en la horca de Chad. Ejecución en la horca de Chad. Todavía piérdalos.

Don't read Spanish? Well...sorry! You might need to learn the soon-to-be new primary language of The United States of Mexico America!


Lala said...

Stacey... LOL... Well... I speak it and understand it very well (English is my "native" tounge though) I took Spanish from 6th grade on... 20+years ago in HS my Sapnish teacher made a prediction to the class "In 20 years everyone will be speaking Spanish"... she wasn't that far off!

Were you aware that the US is one of the only... if not the only country that does NOT have an "offical" language? I have traveled all over Europe and in EACH country they only spoke THEIR language to me... When in Rome...

Lala :o)

Girl Gone Wild said...

"Go Stacey, it's your birthday, you can do it..." Aren't you just a sassy little lingo chic!!!

Senora Stacey es muy, muy fantastico!! or fantastica...or whatever... I was too busy passing notes in spanish class.

Bubba's Sis said...

Ay caramba!