Sep 2, 2007

My End Of Summer Rituals

Here are a few things that signify the end of summer around our house:

Deflate and put away the pool toys

Replace the potted 'flowers-turned-sticks' with mums (check)

Remove and clean screens on windows (not done)

Gather pool guest passes that still have punches, put in safe spot for next year (working on it!)

Purchase beach towels on clearance to replace the 50% loss we suffered (planned but not executed)

Go over and over the should I or shouldn't I wear white debate with as many girlfriends as will listen to me--I STILL don't know...what do you subscribe to? (check)

And finally, in honor of a fantabulistic, amazing, all-to-short summer AND good enough reason for me to start saving for surgery:

*Thanks, Tricia, for emailing this one!


D... said...

Oh dear! I'll keep that in mind when I'm an older woman. Ha!

I'm not much of a white wearer. However, I know I won't wear white shoes after Labor Day.

Bubba's Sis said...

I agree - no white shoes after Labor Day. Probably no white pants, either. White shirts are OK, as are white socks, undies, brassieres, etc. :-)

We find that it's very hard to dress for autumn around here - even tho it's September and all the cute "fall fashions" are out in the stores, it's still in the upper 90's every day!! Too hot for cute sweater sets!

Cat said...

So thats what causes that. dang it. LOL

Dana said...

FYI, the surgery is worth EVERY dime that it costs!

Halfmoon Girl said...

THAT cracked me up!

Barrett Laurie said...

LMAOROTFL! You are great! Love this! Keep em coming!

Girl Gone Wild said...

You are so nasty! I guess one needs boobs in order for that problem to occur!!

Funky Art Queen said...

Who cares? I will wear white when I want to!!!! Rules,pshhhhhhhhhhh!If it is that much of a concern...which I do think of it because mother engrained it in my brain, wear winter white!