Sep 2, 2007

I Broke Out The Modge Podge Yesterday!

I was pretty busy crafting yesterday. I'd seen this around and decided to try it myself. First, allow me to back up. When I first looked at this house two years ago, I knew right away it had to be the one because of the upstairs. The bedrooms were larger than most, which was a good thing, but what really sold me was the layout. Alex and Cody are 6 years apart, so sharing wasn't gonna happen. Just wasn't. Only in a pinch, and believe me it'd have to be a fairly major pinch, would I force either one of them to live with the other.
So when I saw that each boy would have their own sink off the bedroom and a shared toilet/shower that connects the two rooms, I was pretty wowed. Okay, okay, that's fine, and I'm thinking "hmm...wonder which boy I'll put with Niki to share this with, because she'll definitely want dibbs on a room with a bathroom attached and her own sink!" Walking down the hall, I come to the third bedroom upstairs--and it was like the strobe lights started strobing, music started playing, confetti started falling and shooting stars started shooting from one corner of the room to the next. No, it wasn't as big as the other rooms, and no, it didn't have a nice walk-in closet. But what it did have was far more precious--it had its own little bathroom! It's small, shower toilet and pedastal sink only, but it's ALL hers. And trust me, I've been in there once or twice, nobody I know would want to share with her--you'd think she owned the cosmetics wall at Target, and it was all displayed on her bathroom sink/shelves/floor, wherever she can stash it!

So why, you might wonder, am I telling you all about the upstairs? Because although we've painted the hallway walls, in two years we have yet to decorate the long expanse that goes from the boys' rooms to Nikis. It's very....beige-ish. I try to get upstairs as little as possible, what I don't know, well, I won't know! But yesterday, I got a hair, drove over to Michael's for supplies and spent the day/evening creating. It needed to be something that was all about THEM, not me. I get the entire rest of the house to decorate. Besides, like I said, their bedrooms are the only rooms up there, so it's okay.

I made up each of their names with coordinating scrap paper, leaning pink for Niki, blue for Cody and Green for Alex--which quickly got shortened from Alexander--I ran out of steam. Then I bought three very inexpensive clip frames and randomly chose three art projects from their school years and framed them (recognize Flat Stanly?). When Halloween comes around, and we pull out the Halloween art box, it'll be VERY simple to change-out. Same for Christmas, Easter, etc. I've saved at bunch of their art, so I think I'll have most of the seasons covered. I think I'll even display some of the cute notes they've written over the years. *click the photos to see the details*

It needs something more, my head has ideas, but I'm not clear on my vision yet. I'm considering eye hooks with picture wire placed randomly and clipping school work, art, photographs just whatever onto the wire.
I wanted to share the letter process with you, it's a cinch!
Paint the edges of the letters.
Modge Podge the craft paper that's torn into pieces onto the letters randomly
Turn upside down and take an Exacto knife to the edges to trim up the paper
Modge Podge the whole thing two or three times

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D... said...

I was wondering what you were talking about. Now I see. I HEART that!!! I'm not crafty at all but I so want to try this for my little darlings. You totally rock!

Bubba's Sis said...

How very cute and crafty of you! I love it!! What do your kiddos think?

jenny-up the hill said...

Oh I love this idea...and it includes Mod Podge!! I heart modgepodge! lol!! I love the idea of changing out the art work through the seasons...and who doesn't love to see their name up on the wall! Except if it's on one of those "Do not except checks from these people" lists that you see in some stores! lol!!

Nice job!

tegdirb92 said...

wow, I absolutely love that. I need a good idea for above my girls' beds and this is just the thing!! Looks like something out of the Pottery Barn catalog!! Well done!!

Anonymous said...

It looks so good! I have been wanting to try mod. podge and I have boxes of my girls artwork throughout the years that I want to display. I am not crafty at all, I usually end up putting it in a matte and frame. This looks darling!! What a great idea. I am going to Michael's tomorrow and try it with the wood letters. I will let you know how it turns out.

kailani said...

Love it! It's very artistic and stylish!

Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

what a fabulous idea! I love love love it! Your kids are so lucky to have such a cool, smart mom!

Cat said...

That is a really cool idea Girl!

I need some crafty ideas for my house.

see you soon!

The Bar B Q got moved to today, with less people. everyone pooped out. LOL

Oh and don't give me the credit, it is all JEFF! (well some me.) lol

Katja from said...

Looks great! What a cool idea!
Thank you so much for the CD, I received it today, totally made my day!! You are the best!

Sandy Carlson said...

Reminds me of the mod podge in my craft drawer and the big old letter I had to have...Beautiful work!

Girl Gone Wild said... what CAN'T you do?!?!

Gidge, they are great! You did awesome....

Sharon said...

Ooo, great idea. Is it really as easy as you make it look? I'm much better with needle and thread than with anything that remotely looks like it might involve glue or anything else that is sticky. I know! I'll sew you a pink jacket and you hodge podge me some letters, LOL!

Kelly said...

Love these Stacey! I'm going to get some letters and make a border of sorts around the tops of my windows in my new art room. I'm thinking of some inspirational words:
faith, etc.
I need to find the letters that are small enough to fit between the ceiling and windows, though. Maybe that's what I'll do Saturday in my art room. I'm planning on some sort of art work.


Funky Art Queen said...

I love this!@!! Love that you had some time to create!!!!